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Finding Your Stride In Business To Ensure You’re On The Right Track

Last month, one of my social media friends was on Instagram stories asking how does she find her stride in business to ensure she is on the right track. Funny thing, when I was listening to her share her thoughts regarding business I knew others had this question too. Too many times, people will seek out advice of consultant or coach and they give them a recycled business model on how to do things. I don’t believe in that. Even if your industry was invited when Jesus was born you can always add to the wheel house.

Finding your stride in business to ensure you’re on the right track does not take rocket science, in my opinion. There are little things that add up to one big thing that revolutionizes your business. Personally, I would say when I found my stride is when I found my ideal client. This was a huge aha moment for me as a new business consultant. Before that, I was just taking on clients just to make money to pay the bills not focusing on the impact I had on their businesses. So I changed the structure of my business to ensure not only was I equipping them with the right tools, insight, resource and nurturing our relationship. I started focusing more on my why and less of what my industry was doing. Meaning I was always my ideal client. I started my business for people like me. This is something I try to embed in everyone who starts a business, nine times out of ten you are your ideal customer.

Ideal Client

As I just stated you are your ideal customer and you forget that. Why did you start your business? What problem did you have that you wanted to be that solution? Then start narrowing it down further and further. There is nothing wrong with having the “perfect client” so to speak. This allows you to build other versions of them. If you know me then you know I am visual learning and tend to sketch everything out. Take a blank piece of paper and pen and draw your ideal client. List what type of job they might have, where they shop, their income level, their leisure activity, the places they might shop, are they a Starbucks drinker, do they live an apartment or house, do they have disposable income and much more. Too many times we try to market or appeal to everyone under the sun we miss the right people. We want to draw everyone to our business, but sometimes are businesses are not meant for everyone. Here is a rough breakdown of my ideal client:

  • Woman
  • Age 30-60
  • College educated
  • Career professional
  • Income of $75,000 or more
  • Single with or without children
  • Owns smartphone, tablet, and desktop
  • Active social media user
  • Has some debt
  • In the past, she has put her dreams on hold for others
  • Not tech savvy
  • Believes in God

These are some of the traits of my past and current clients. I am also these women when I first started my entrepreneurial path.

Step Away From Industry Standards And Rules

If you truly want to make strides in your business and carve your way, then you must step away from the standards and rules they oppose on you. You will always feel as if you’re failing and not meeting the golden standard. That only creates a horrible comparison trap that is hard to dig out of. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to know the thought leaders, standards, and trends happening in your industry, but you’re why is more important than those things. People talk to me about “thought leaders” in my industry all the time, sharing quotes or the latest video that person has created and most times my eyes glaze over. These people are nothing like me or what I am trying to do. You are probably nothing like the person everyone refers to in your industry, that is perfectly okay.

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Focus On Your Why

Why did you start this business in the first place? I started consulting because my audience asked me to be honest. I stuck around because I truly enjoy helping others uncover the missing pieces to the puzzle. Being able to provide insight, resources, tools and more that they need brings me complete joy. Design your business around your why. The other day, I was talking to my client Naisha of Brownstone Closets and we were discussing The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Throughout their book, they are completely transparent and they share things most small business owners wouldn’t dare share. That makes us as an audience trust them even more. Their why has been their driving force for everything they do. You need to be lead by your why, not just making money.

Create A Work Schedule

When you are consistent, you feel more inclined that you’re on the right track. Creating a work schedule that allows you find balance is essential. Not every day you will feel like blogging, processing orders, scheduling tweets or whatever is on your long to do list. It is important that you establish day designation and break up your task. I try not to have more than 7-10 items on my to do list. If I need to do personal things no more than 15 items. When we create a task list and only achieve 5 out of those 15, we feel like failures. Each day find 30 minutes to an hour for yourself. Personally, that is usually early in the morning when I am stretching or when I do my yoga workout. This schedule will give you routine. It’s an added plus to get dressed daily and get out the office.

Realistic Goals For Your Business

This is a something that almost everyone struggles with when running a business. You want to make six figures in business, but you don’t even understand how to create a mailchimp account. There is a balance when it comes to creating your goals. You can have a long term goal of making generating $100,000 or more in sales revenue a year and taking the baby steps each day to achieve this. This is why I believe in doing daily bold actions that help you move forward each day. It’s not about manifesting the million dollars in that very moment, but aligning yourself to bring that into existence down the line. Write out five major goals you want to achieve this year. Now, break that down into 10 or more steps you need to take to achieve it.

Finding your stride in business can be hard in a social media driven world, but this I know is very possible when you focus on your why, your ideal clients, create a work schedule, have realistic goals and step away from what others say you need to do.

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