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Should Email Marketing Be Apart Of Your Companies Customer Retention Plan

In the last couple months, I have been talking to people about their companies outreach plan. You know the engagement plan you have to reach your target audience. Most small businesses rely on social media or blogging to connect with their audience. There was a time; I believed you needed to blog, social media and email marketing. Times have drastically changed on that front when it comes to targeting your audience. Personally, I believe too many small business owners are spread thin trying to be all and do all. Trust, I use to believe the hype that guru’s in my industry would share, but I always ignored the fact they had team to help with all those things. Today, I want to break down should email marketing be apart of your companies customer retention plan. 

Start With Your Why

We as small business owners are told that we have to do a million things just to break even, but there is never really a sound track record to go with. It’s always this how the industry is, and everyone is doing it. In 2017, that doesn’t work for me nor should it work for you as a small business owner. Why do you want to do email marketing for your small business? Are you wanting to engage your audience, find leads, sell something or just build your list for later? I am seeing more and more people wanting to build their list because so and so said that the way to go. No, the way to go is where you feel comfortable to be consistent. If you’re not willing to show up every day doing what you need to achieve XYZ its going to fail. It’s not secret I love writing my monthly newsletters. It is a means for me to go deeper with my audience. That’s what it always was. The content that was shared was things I did not feel were blog worthy so to speak. They were quick thoughts with fewer bullet points. Guess, what my audience loves it. Before you sign up for an email marketing provider determine why you’re doing this.

Three questions you should ask before jumping on the email marketing bandwagon. | Imperfect Concepts

Email Marketing Providers

When I first started my original company, I was utilizing Mad Mimi as my email marketing provider. To say, I loved them was an understatement. They were easy to use, free to use and customer service was fantastic. Right before, I transition to consulting I hoped on the Mailchimp bandwagon, and it’s truly my jam. There are several email marketing providers such as; Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Go Daddy (they purchased Mad Mimi) and several others to chose form. I know a plethora of consultants, strategist and more leaving Mailchimp for Convertkit for cost wise. Some have even spouted that Mailchimp has gotten its customers brainwashed that newsletters need to be pretty. Guess, what outside of cost your newsletter needs to go back to your why. I have yet to see a product based business use Convert kit, but so many use Mailchimp.

How Often To Send

For a moment, I want you to stop and think about your favorite retail store. How often do they send you emails? How often do you open them and click? Why does, this matter you ask? Simple, this is the same thing you should be thinking as a small business owner. Honestly, if you’re a product based company that is bringing in new inventory, having events, running specials and more you should be sending a newsletter minimum twice a month. If you’re running a promotion, make sure you send it the day it starts, once in the middle and maybe a couple of hours before it ends. As a service based business, I have chosen to send a newsletter once a month. There was a time I was sharing them twice a month. That was putting pressure on me to deliver content. I am not a fan of just throwing stuff out there. I want everything I publish to be worth the time of the reading. Create a simple schedule to start out with and go from there.

These are three things you must consider before jumping on the should email marketing be apart of your companies customer retention plan. Once you commit to something, its best to be consistent and focused on achieving the task.

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