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Turning Customers Into Loyalist Who Support Your Small Business

In recent years, more and more people have become loyal to their pocketbooks versus the business they are patrons of. This is something most small business are oblivious to because they are just focused on making money right now in this very moment, versus concerning themselves with keeping customers coming back.

This upcoming March will mark eight years in business between a clothing boutique and a consulting company, I have created loyalist. Even further, I have retained a majority consulting for the past four years instead of having a very high turnover rate like most consultants. Let’s break down how to create loyalist customers who support your small business.


Not every company can be trusted with your money. Honestly, in the last two years, I have seen more and more new business owners either be scammed or scam the customers. It’s sorrowful that people are only out for themselves verse the audience that supports them. People by from people they trust; how to get complete strangers to trust you, is by outlining a plan to content with your customers to build the rapport. Numerous times, I have purchased from complete strangers because of people I knew supported them. This does help your business to have supporters who don’t mind sharing your awesomeness. When you equip your supporters with the right tools to support you, they can create a basis line with friends regarding your business. If you don’t have that option allowing customers to review or provide testimony on your product or service.


Has your business dropped the ball with the customers, product, customer service, social media and more? People dig consistency when it comes to business. They know they can count on your small business to come through with exactly they need no matter when. One of my favorite boutiques is consistent with a wardrobe I want to purchase month after month. They have the right staff in place and train each one of them how to interact with customers.

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Do the people who shop your store or utilize your services value what they are receiving from you? A huge problem that business owners face in turning customers into loyalist for their brand. If a client immediately thinks of where they can get something cheaper, they are not loyal to your brand. There are several small businesses I wanted to support, but I know for a fact how much they paid for something. They never provide the value for me actually to justify the extra cost. Your customer service is one of the main things that creates value in your products or service. How are the orders proceeds, shipped and follow ups? Customers see value in how they are treated. If you’re a service-based business, the perception value comes from a multitude of areas such as; customer service, knowledge, service render, interaction and more. Having eight years of experience in the industry provides my client’s value in their business.


Too many businesses focus on rewarding new customers with discount after discount, but after they are around prices are high and the service sucks to be real. Reward new customers and existing customers the same no matter how much they spend. Yes, it’s great to have VIP’s who support your company, but on a personal note, I love those companies like Nordstrom treat everyone the same. One year, I spent around $10,000+ in there buying clothes, shoes, accessories for myself, my sister, my niece, and a boyfriend at the time. They treated my sister the same even though she shopped them sparingly. Several shopping carts offer plugins that allow you create loyal programs.

Turning your customers into loyalist will help you retain the audience you are wanting and continuously grow your companies bottom line.

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