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February in Review

 Beanie: H&M {similar}, Scarf: Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole,  Mango: Denim Shirt, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Louis Vuitton Lovely Ballerina Flats

Thanks of the Month: Thanks go to my beautiful friend Katrice for giving me motivation even when she doesn’t realize it. She is truly an amazing woman that inspires me daily. We have the best laughs on twitter, instagram, email, phone or text. You would never know we have known each other for only two years. Heck, someone told her they thought I was her best friend solely based on how we interact on twitter. *Ha* She is amazing, and I’m utterly grateful God has placed her in my life. She makes me want to be a better version of myself daily.

Peak of the Month: The Fly Fashionista Pop Up Shop. I have so many dreams and aspirations for my life, but if I told you all of them, you would probably think I am a tad over ambitious. Last year, I wanted to go speak at college campuses. *check* I had so much fun speaking to college students about the life of an entrepreneur. Late last year, I was thinking of other ways to build my customer base around the country, and I figured out that the best way is to get in front of my target demographic. So I thought,  why not do a pop up shop tour with my friend Carrie. We are going to have some nice airline miles at the end of the year, and we might even have to hit Hawaii for NYE.

Highlight of the Month: Toya Wright and her daughter Reginae rocked an Imperfect Concepts Faux Leather Camo jacket. I debuted these jackets around October 2012, and sent the jackets to several celebs. I was then promised by managers and assistants that they would wear it, but that didn’t happen. You live and you learn… Tonya and Reginae, however, both posted it on Instagram and Toya tweeted about it. (MAH-JOR *Rachel Zoe Voice*)!!

Pits of the Month: My niece broke my DSLR camera. Yeah, not the greatest Auntie and Jubi moment, but at least it’s something that can be replaced.  Furthermore, I have two point and shoots. I just see it as an opportunity to get the camera I really want! =)

Entrepreneur roller-coaster ride: Running a business is a complete rollacoaster ride that I would never want to get off of. I truly want to be an open book for my readers, so I’m telling you: there are days I am frustrated; because of figuring out logistics for ICB, or I am simply overwhelmed by emails and customers. It makes me a better person and business owner to deal with these things, so it is worth it in the end. It also gives me the chance to show others what to do. I got to sit with my friend and nail tech Regina earlier this month, and we discussed how she can branch out her business. In our hour together, I was beyond excited to share ideas and thoughts. It gives me joy to see other businesses, especially female ran businesses, grow.



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