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Write An Epic Introduction Email That Establishes Meaningful Connections

Sometime last year, a friend sent me an introduction email to another business owner, I am using introduction loosely because I knew nothing about the women I was being introduced too. This made the follow-up correspondence awkward from both of our ends. There was no substance of why we were being introduced or why we needed to connect with each other, outside of our mutual friend saying so. Today, I wanted to share how to write an epic introduction email that establishes meaningful connections.

Pre-Introduction Email Permission

Okay, one thing you should know about me is, I am extremely private on all levels. Before giving out my email, phone number or address to someone I ask all my friends and clients to tell me first hand. Yes, I wanted to help a million people through entrepreneurship and created Business Bestie as an online directory, but when it comes to my personal or business information, I keep it close to heart. Before sending an introduction email to either party make sure it’s okay to connect them. For instance, someone wanted to connect me to someone who stole some content from my site a couple of years ago. She was unaware of that fact this happen, she just thought “we were so much alike” that we had to be connected.

Who Are They

When you are introducing two complete strangers, it’s important to explain who they are. Yes, Google does exist, but this is not their job to Google said, person. It’s your job to explain who each person is outside of their names. For example, mentioning where they are from, their company names, and what they do. A proper introduction of who a person goes a long way to making the follow-up exchange easier for said parties.

Four tips to help you write introduction email for a business purposes. | Imperfect Concepts

Why Are You Introducing Them

After you share the basic information of who each individual is, explain why you are connecting the two together. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say “thought you two should know each other.” Why should I know them, what makes them special or what makes me unique that we need to be introduced? An associate introduced me to a great friend now with “ya’ll are both black in tech,” and left it at that. Yes, I get the common basis of we are both in the tech space but provide a substantial reason why two people should meet. Such as; “Tasha owns a consulting company helping individuals launch and maintain their businesses, and I know Kimberly has mentioned wanting to start her company for several years.” I believe that “you, Tasha can help guide Kimberly on her entrepreneur path.” That gives the substance of why two people are being connected. In addition to that, you can share cool facts about both parties that can start the conversation. Yes, you are doing the introduction which is very helpful, but creating a baseline for the follow up their end matters too.

The Closing

As you’re closing out your introduction email, share how each person can follow up with the other party. If you, BCC mentioned their emails or phone number in the email. Personally, I also remind them they do not have to reply all, but instead can respond directly to the person I am introducing them too.

In recent years, I have received several epic fail introduction emails that dropped the ball on the connectors end. I truly did not know how to follow up with the other person, because no substance was provided. Always think about how would like someone to introduce you a potential client, customer, investor or editor.

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