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People Buy From People They Trust; How Can You Get Complete Strangers To Trust You?

Does your audience trust you? That’s a simple question to ask yourself before you put out a product for mass consumption. I see a lot of mistakes made when launching and running a business. One of those critical mistakes is assuming that people will just shop with you without having a relationship you. If your audience didn’t come from a trusted source, they’re basing their trust off of a referral. You’re still going to need to form a relationship of trust with them.

Build A Relationship – Social Media

How are you utilizing your social media right now? Are you only on there to sell your products or services? If the answer is yes, you’re using it wrong. Social media is a way to foster a community and establish relationships with your audience, in my eyes. Learn who your audience is and talk to them. If your social media is about you all the time no one is going to care. Yes, they are following you but they don’t want to see your scrub, t-shirt, jewelry, or whatever your selling.

One thing I try to do once a month is a Question and Answer session on ICB Consults Instagram. Hopefully, in the new year I can do more Facebook chats. This helps my audience get to know me and for me to share my expertise. You don’t have to do a Q&A but maybe doing haul videos of your new arrivals. This way they can really put a face and voice to your product or service.

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Utilizing Influencers

One of the things that has helped small businesses grow is leveraging utilizing influencers relationships with their audience. I am not spending $2,000 on one sponsor post in hopes it becomes fetch. What everyday bloggers or YouTubers do you have connections with? As mentioned when talking about brand ambassadors it was great that I had a friendship with Trina of Baby Shopaholic. Was able to reach out to her about doing a couple of sponsor post regarding my then clothing store.

Existing Loyal Customers

As I discussed earlier this month most people are not taping into their existing customers to help build trust. One of the first things I do before purchasing something is text or call one of my close friends and ask their thoughts. I want to know if they have purchased from them and what their experience was. Think of the Day Designer and Simplified Planner they really took off because of friends sharing with friends. That is your existing LOYAL customer sharing with their friends.

People buy from people they trust and for strangers to trust you, you need to establish a relationship with them. Don’t just assume people are going to click follow on social media and immediately want to support your company.

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