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What’s In Your Bag: Mae B by Bianca

1. OPI- My Favorite Ornament 2. Mae B Luggage Tag 3. Mac Lipstick- Hang Up  4.Tide to Go Pen 5. notebook  6. Sharpies  7. Heritage Rose Water 8.Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Almond

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment would have to be starting Mae B. When I first started developing the idea no one fully believe in what I was wanting to bring to life and I internalized those feelings. Then I finally said you know what…who cares if anyone else believes in my idea… I do and things started to move in the right direction.

What are three books you would recommend to our readers? I love reading just to take my mind off of all I have going on in my world and I like to read to find inspiration as well.

1. Where We Belong by Emily Giffin- It is such a thoughtful book that really taps into your emotions.
2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling- You will literally lol. She is so real and insanely funny.
3. Maya Angelou : Poems- I recite “Still I Rise” daily.

Mae B by Bianca Book Recommendations

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned since launching? The biggest lesson I have learned since launching is patience. I still struggle with it all of the time but I am getting better with being okay with where I am. When I got started I felt strongly that I had a great idea and that the idea and my creativity would be all I needed but that isn’t how it works.

I would compare my progress to others and it just made me feel like I was not doing enough. We all have our own process and we can’t worry about what the next person is doing because then we won’t ever be satisfied.

What’s your advice to someone interested in starting their own business? My advice would be to know that starting a business is a 24/7 job and a major financial commitment. It was something I was not fully prepared for when I started out but I am finally getting the hang of it. Set up a business account, make yourself a schedule, and hold yourself accountable for following through on your commitment. When you start a business you’re either in or you’re out. There is no middle ground.

The second piece of advice I would give is to know your vision and not to let anyone take you away from that. Always be open to ideas and criticism because that is the only way you can grow but stand firm in where you see yourself and your business. It is easy to make decisions based on money but sometimes the money and the integrity of your business won’t always line up. So it is important to know when to decline an opportunity.

Vintage Louis Vuitton BagWhere do you receive inspiration? I am inspired by so many things but magazines and life experiences have always been the things that have driven my creativity. Every card we make over at Mae B has been inspired by my life experiences or someone special in my life. My Grandmother who my business is named after is also a major inspiration. She didn’t have much financially but she always made me beautiful and loved. That is what Mae B is all about… making women feel special. Beautiful things like fabulous shoes, leather pants, and anything sequin also give me butterflies. Anytime I know something is right I always get them.

If you could have one famous entrepreneur as your mentor who would it be? It would be Oprah because she is this larger than life figure but yet you still feel connected to her message. You cannot help but want to learn from her not just about business but also about life as well.

Do you feel your life is balanced between work life and your personal life? Unfortunately no. I spend all of my time working and I am hoping to change that. I am 27 and I feel like I have been blessed to see and accomplish so much in my life but I do not take enough time to really take in my experiences and connect with people. That is something I am working on daily. I really admire women who make time to ensure their personal lives are just as full as their careers.

What is your indispensable gadget: My iPhone. I feel lost without it.
What’s your favorite app? I LOVE Uber.
What’s your favorite account to follow on Twitter: I love The Glitter Guide and Glamour.
What’s your favorite item in your closet: My favorite item right now are my Tibi “Amber” Sandals. I always feel like I can take over the world when I put them on and they make my legs look amazing.

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