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Stop Apologizing For Wanting To Succeed

Stop apologizing & start standing in conviction of your beliefs, thoughts, actions & dreams if you want to succeed in business.

Two common mistakes women make are: they constantly apologize for everything and want to be liked by everyone. We are conditioned this way at a very young age, before you are even a preschool. Girls must like pink & purple. We must play with dolls & want to grow up to be ballerinas. Which, by the way, is not an easy feat to achieve. Takes a plethora of discipline, focus, and determination to become a successful prima ballerina.  

Own You Words

Say what you mean and roll with it each and every time. Too many times we say what we mean than take five steps back because someone didn’t like it. When you are passive aggressive with your own success, you are putting it on the back burner so others can succeed. There’s space for everyone on the stove to cook and grow. If you want people to take you at your word than own your words. This is not an excuse to brash with people but if you want to conquer your industry, conquer it and be unapologetic about it.

Create Action

When you say that you are going to start a business that empowers women to learn coding, do you do it or do you let others talk you out of it? Too many times when we are ready to run with our passions we will allow others to speak negative over what we want. Refuse to let others control your actions. Make a strategic plan to take steps daily towards your dreams. The first action sometimes means removing the negative people in your life.

Stop Apologizing For Wanting To Succeed #imperfectconcepts

Move Fluidly

Move fluidly within a community of movers and shakers. People who stand tall and don’t back down. Stay away from those who say what you should or shouldn’t do. So many people didn’t believe in Jessica Alba’s Honesty company. They didn’t think it served a purpose or would gain traction. Honesty is a billion dollar company that will be heading to IPO next year. Move fluidly with confidence, knowing that you belong where you are and where you are headed.

If you want to be successful in life you must banish the constant need to appease & apologize. You will not be everyone’s bestie. Everyone will not like your thoughts, actions, business, or even hair style!

Own who you are. How can you take immediate action for owning who you are? How can you break the cycle of apologizing when you don’t fit into someone’s cookie cutter model?

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