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Continued Education For The Entrepreneur

We are fast approaching a new year and that means new goals, new resolution, and more. Have you put much thought into how you can continue your education as an entrepreneur? Constantly striving to learn more while doing more to further your business is a key necessity to business growth, if you want to be in a different place than you were last year.

Nicole’s Classes

I love when a fearless women entrepreneur empowers other women, by teaching them what they need to know to run their own business. That is the premise behind Nicole’s Classes. They offer classes on Photoshop, food styling, branding, InDesign, Illustrator, and much more. Learn more about Nicole’s Classes via this link.


I recently found out about Udemy while reading an article about a young man who made $60K+ in one month selling his eCourses on the platform. They are a great platform to learn courses on different subject matter such as; finance, social media, SEO, Java, HTML and much more. Udemy is also an amazing platform for service based companies looking to sell products to a new audience. Prices for classes can range from free to $500+. Learn more about Udemy here.

Creative Live

CreativeLive empowers its community by allowing users to engage with experts live. They feature a variety of workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, and a bunch more. This style of learning is great for the visual entrepreneur. You can watch our live online workshops — for free — and interact with instructors in real-time. If you want to watch the classes “on demand” there is a price attached to it. Their calendar is still full of amazing classes for the remainder of the year. Learn more about Creative Live through this link.

Continued Education For The Entrepreneur #imperfectconcepts

Stationery Academy

I personally had the pleasure of attending their State of Etsy and Wholesale with Zulily webinar last month, and it was chalked full of information for creative business owners who sell crafts, prints posters, and more. The information was really insightful for my business. They are a business school for individuals who own stationery, print, and gifting businesses. Offering coaching, consulting, and webinars. Learn more about Stationery Academy today.

Digital Photography School

Darren Rowse, is the founder of DPS, a place where there are no classes, no teachers, no exams. Its focus is on educating the photography community through tips, resources, tools, and forums. A great peer-to-peer environment, to help you can learn more as you grow in your skills. Learn more about the Digital Photography School.

How can you use one of these platforms to strengthen your business going into the new year?

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