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The Key to Product Photos

Today, we will be talking about a very important part of business: product photos. Product photos help a small business make a sale online (however a buy is not dependent on the product photo and it can actually depend on a number of factors including SEO, marketing, social media and much more). However, having a good product photo is essential because people have to see a product before they make a buy. Think about it, when you go into a store, think about how many times you touch and ogle over those shoes, that blazer, or that new statement necklace. Online shopping makes it harder for the potential customer to fiddle, flirt and try on the product, so they expect great photos. Here’s how to make your photos professional and buy worthy!

1. Have as many pictures of the product as necessary:

  • I’ve seen this many times on sites like etsy, amazon and ebay.A site will have one beautiful photo of a product, and then when I try and see what it looks like close up, from the back, or from the side. How am I supposed to buy something that I cant see? What if there is an exposed zipper (I hate exposed zippers) in the back and I can’t tell until I get the product? It’s a sure way to a negative review.
  • Have front, back, side, collar, close ups and wide span views of your product.

A good example:

Screenshot 2013-10-25 12.23.57

2. Accurate and Saturated Color:

  • Another big pet peeve of mine, photos that don’t have accurate color on their site, and that don’t have saturated color. If your description says the item is purple, make sure the photo is the purplest of purple! It should be vibrant and accurate to what the product is. Now, I’m not a photographer, but I know that if you take your own photos, they need to have good enough lighting to show what color the product is. If you don’t have the right equipment to do this, get a professional photographer or freelance a photography student.

Here’s a great example:


3. White Background:

  • The best way to show a product without distraction or distortion to what the customer will receive is with a white background. Buy an easy to use white scrim or use a white sheet, but just make sure it’s not against your wood table, or laying along your sofa. It’s important to show professionalism so you can keep up with the bigger businesses.

4. Models:

  • Have one or two pictures with a model. The model should embody your brand and look appealing. Study some fashion magazines and develop a plan for what you want to get across to your audience.
  • If you cannot afford to do a complete look book shoot with a professional photographer, and decide to use a stand or mannequin like the one shown above, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct the garment in any way. Also, make sure that your product description is very explanatory about how the garment fits and looks on a body.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

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