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How To Select Fonts That Transform Your Brands Appearance

Most people don’t realize the doors fonts can open for their brand. I use to be one of those people that only new Arial, Comic Sans and Times New Roman. Even for my business, I stayed in the safety zone of what I knew but the font didn’t go well with what I was trying to create.

The journey of discovering fonts started when I wanted my resale boutique call to action banners to pop. The imagery or visuals were to my liking but I felt the drab times new roman was not helping with selling of my pieces. Thats something you must understand, your audience is visual. You need to appeal not only to them with the imagery or products shots but the words they are reading.

Learning Typography

This is one of the best parts of my journey was learning about different typographies and why I gravitated to them. I attend an online class about the subject matter that was like four sessions long. She went over the history, design, different fonts, emotions and more. It transformed how I saw font for my business. When you read something it can evoke an emotion just like seeing a graphic or photo. I wanted my audience to have an emotion evoked when they saw my call to action banners. Lynda offers a typography class you can learn from.

Mixing And Matching

This is one of the greatest things about buying font you can mix and match to your delight. I love pairing skinny fonts with thick cursive fonts. I love bold fonts with layers of other fonts mixed around them. When creating graphics for social media, my website or products we have over 10 different ones that I have purchased for my businesses.

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Usage of Font

So, I want to point out not all fonts you purchase are for commercial use. Many times people do not read the fine print when they are shopping on these sites. Make sure you see what type of license the designer offers when using their product. In addition, to that just because it looks print on a poster doesn’t mean it will look great on a shirt, bag or even on your online graphic. There was this one wedding font that I seen everyone and they momma using last year to mid this year. It was great on invitations but once people started throwing it on shirts and water bottles it looked horrible.

Create A Budget

This is super important when it comes to font. So, every font we use for my business I own. I don’t make my graphic designer purchase them for my use. They are for my business if other clients would want those fonts they would need to supply them to her. However, one of the biggest lessons for me when selecting fonts that can transform my business was having a budget and focus. I love fonts would be an understatement. There is a monthly budget to buy things such as font, seamless print designs and other things need for my brand.

Fonts can really transfer your business not just your branding but how you and others see your business.

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