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Treating Myself. Gone on Vacation.

I know it’s pretty unbelievable, but I’m on vacation right now! Being the busy bee that I am, our blog posts have already been scheduled out so I wont skip a beat! I’m a small business owner, so that means I am pretty darn good at scheduling my life so that everything runs smoothly.

However, I am not that great at actually treating myself. Sometimes, I even treat others before myself. Now that I’m working with a life coach again, making more time for me is something that we are working on.

Tasha:: Gap Jacket, Wrist Soiree Necklace, Taylor Dress, Christian Louboutin HeelsGap Denim Jacket | Taylor Dress via Cato’s | Christian Louboutin Heels |  Wrist Soirée Necklace

In order for anyone to operate at their highest level, they should always honor themselves. You are not honoring yourself when you deny yourself the ability to internalize and deal with situations or circumstances.

Tasha:: Gap jacket, Jus Taylor Dress, Christian Louboutins and Wrist Soiree Necklace

I am one the way to Dallas right now. Fly out for my vacation EARLY Saturday morning.  Of course I bought several books to enjoy. Two pleasure and six business or as I like to say, personal development books… laughs

Tasha: Gap Jacket, Taylor Dress, Christian Louboutin

I’m smitten with today’s outfit. We shot it last week and I’ve been complimented so many times for that dress. I wore to shoot our Youtube videos, you learn about those videos in a later post. Then, I wore it at Tech Ranch’s Austin Campfire (another post about that later).  Finally, I wore it last minute shopping for my vacation. This dress reminds of a Lulu’s skirt I missed out on. Well that’s not exactly true…I was not down with the price tag (don’t you hate that?) But, I scored this awesome Taylor dress all the same.

Tasha:: Gap Jacket, Wrist Soiree Necklace, Taylor Dress, Christian Louboutin Heels

As of lately, I have been shopping Cato’s more and more. My mom has bought me a couple of necklaces from them, so I started shopping there. Now, I am a huge fan of their store. Taylor dresses are my favorite finds there. I normally purchase from Nordstrom, and I own probably 10- 15 of them, so it’s great to have a new source for them. Yes I know…I’m obsessed.

Are you good at treat yourself? Or are you the person that gives and gives then only has a little left over for yourself? Is this something you are working on too.

Photography by Brittanie Reid



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