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Pushing Past Limits

This month has been one for the record books, if I do say so myself. I pushed past personal limits I never knew existed. It started off with me speaking at Texas Style Council in Austin, Texas. It was a wonderful experience. I learned a plethora of new knowledge, connected with amazing friends and blossomed a partnership for my business. Almost finished with third quarter once September starts, I am extremely proud of myself. I am more proud than when I launched Shop ICB or graduated from college.

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Chambray Top Gap | Maxi Skirt Gap | Marc by Marc Jacobs | Michael Kors Heels

Thanks of The Month: I have to thank two people this month. Mary is the graphic designer for Imperfect Concept’s Brand. She designs for Shop ICB, Blog ICB and ICB Consults. To say she has a lot on her plate is an understatement. She was a trooper the last two weeks of the month with the launch of ICB Consults. First, she did the cover art and layout design for all the ebooks. Then, she helped make tweaks to the ICB Consults website. I am super thankful to have her.

The next thanks would have to go to Emmilliese of Gumroad’s. She was my saving grace for the ebooks. In a blog post next month, I explain how lost I was about digital content and the design accept of ICB Consults. Emmilliese walked me through everything. I am really thankful for her. I consider her a partner in my success–otherwise I would still be a lost puppy.

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So my maxi skirt is sheer and I love it. Got it while thrifting a couple years ago. I have spanx on underneath just in case someone just thought I was out there like that. laughs. Don’t kill me its my third time wearing I think in 3 years. I have a bad habit of buying and not wearing.

Highlight of The Month: The definite highlight was the launch of ICB Consults. The journey for the launch came out of nowhere earlier this year. I really wanted to scale my company, but I couldn’t decide how. One conversation with a friend lead to this: she told me I needed to start consulting. I didn’t think anyone would want to pay me for what I knew. I was completely wrong on that end… Consulting has turned into ebooks, which has led to coaching, which is leading to a workshop tour launching January of next year. I am very happy about all that has happened this month.

Pits of The Month: I will admit that I make it sound easy to write ebooks. It was for me. Four books in less than 6 months, but the biggest problem was getting everything just right, meaning; color palettes, typography, and layouts. All of this work reminds me of when I was an editor for my High School newspaper. (Yes, I have always been a grade-A nerd, but there’s no shame in my geek ways). There were some really frustrating moments earlier this month when I thought the site would never be done or the layout would fall apart, which are always the thoughts you have when you try something new. Everything didn’t come out perfectly, but it was great learning experience.

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Entrepreneur Rollacoaster Ride: The last 31 days have been blissful. This month, I had to learn to truly let people and certain things go. I am not a fan of backhanded comments; people who aren’t concerned with my feelings, or just plain selfish people. So, I had to let people go. There is no need to care about them for more time than needed. There is a time and a season for everyone in your life. Being an entrepreneur truly has some great moments that I don’t think could come otherwise. It has taught me that not everyone is going to be in my corner, or people are going to hop in my corner only to try to leverage our relationship. Everyday, there is a learning lesson.

This has been my month, and I wouldn’t ask for any of the time back. I would’ve stopped things that hurt me, such as people’s actions and comments, but all that is a lesson learned. I do what makes me happy. Building my brand is fun, and I am excited to continue to do so. Going past the surface moments with people make beautiful moments this month. Being told I am very intense and passionate was a humbling moment. Also being told I am too articulate to do coding… that made me laugh. This month was really beautiful. Did I already say that? Oh well… I’ll say it again because it has been.

Oh, final thought: it is strange for people to check out the new site, and then their first thought is, “wow you are attractive and smart.” I guess no one ever clicks on my tiny social media icons. Yes, I am pretty and low-key smart too. Who would’ve thought?

If you couldn’t tell I am in a better place and smitten with life.


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