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How Not To Be Overwhelmed This Holiday Season

If you have been in business to experience holiday season it can bring a mixture of joy, happiness and a lump of stress all at once. As small business owners we are trying to capitalize off people wanting to purchase gifts for themselves, family, friends and more. Which, is completely understandable being that we are business owners. However, we tend to overwhelm ourselves at the same time during the holiday season. Wanted to share some tips to make sure you don’t get to wined up causing stress.

Game Plan

Too many people go into holiday season completely blind at what they want to achieve. They have no marketing, social media, website, or email marketing plan. This is a huge no, no and one the main reasons you are overwhelmed this holiday season.  Time yo ask yourself what do you want to achieve this holiday season?

  • A specific sales goals
  • Educating your audience
  • Gaining a social media following
  • Increasing ORC (open rate click) in email marketing
  • A ROI on money invested
  • Knowledge of where your business is going

These are just a couple things that can guide you when creating a game plan. Its better to know what you want to achieve verse going towards it aimlessly. If you want to increase social media presence getting a plan for schedule is important. Try my Social Media Planner for small business if that is the case.

Three expert tips on how you can conquer this holiday season and not being overwhelmed as a business owner.  | Imperfect Concepts #holidayseason #blogging #smallbusiness

Community Surrounding You

One thing I am very thankful for this year is the community of women who surround me as a business owner. Not just friends who own businesses but friends who I can walk with in life and grow with. So many times we get caught up in growing apart from people that we feel bad and let them stay around. This is a huge no, no when it comes to growing as a person not just a business owner. If it is no longer serving a purpose in your life it doesn’t need to be there. Make sure you have a group of friends you can chat with. Even if its a quick group text or phone call. My dear friends Amy and Kristen are great at being their for me with random text or Facetime’s at the perfect time.

Extend Yourself Grace

This has been something I have been talking about a plethora on social media. After, I went to see my mom in Houston it really hit me that we do not extend ourselves or others grace enough. WE are always in a rush, upset or whatever because something didnt happen. What would it look like if you extended yourself grace from now until forever actually. If you don’t meet your daily sales goal it is not the end of the world. Breathe, take a step back and get ready for tomorrow. Don’t carry yesterday in today.

I truly hope that these three tips can help you from being overwhelmed this upcoming holiday season.

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