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3 Ways To Grow Your Audience On Social Media

In the top questions, I receive via email, text or in person is how can I grow my social media channel so I can have more followers. This is very common people believe the more followers you have the more sales, engagement and more they will have. This is not necessarily true statement though. You can have a million followers and they are not buying. I actually see this all the time. Today, I am share three ways to grow your audience on social media that actually buys, engages and believes in your business. 

Selection Of Platforms

This is a huge part of gaining traction on social media. All platforms are not created equally. You need to look over the three hundred plus platforms and find which one your target audience is on. If you have not done a target audience profile, I highly suggest you do that first. That will help guide you to the right platforms. If you’re audience is more 45+ it is less likely they are on snapchat, vine even Instagram. You have to be on the right platform. For the last couple months I have tried using Snapchat, but to be honest I am not seeing how my company can receive a ROI from it. My favorites are twitter for conversation, youtube to connect face to face sort of (humanizing my brand) and instagram to share insight, behind the scenes and life.

Brand Aesthetic

After you have selected three or so platforms that speak only to you as a user but to your audience it is about your brand aesthetic. Who is your brand and what does it look like. Have you been on visual platforms such as tumblr, Pinterest, and even Instagram to notice how some brands look like a constant mood board. There is a purpose behind this. This makes your company cohesive and your audience recongize you as a business owner. Visually appealing brands have a great aesthetic that attracts an audience who wants to engage. Especially as women business owners we are visually connected to brands. Studying colors and the pshycology behind could help you a lot too.

Growing an honest and engaged audience on social media is a mixture of several parts and I am sharing some with you today.  | Imperfect Concepts #socialmedia #blogging #smallbusiness

Engage & Follow Like Minds

This might simple but birds of a feather are very much aligned. Follow similar brands, bloggers, users and influencers. Most times, brands only follow the popular people not really trying to engage everyday people. Thats a problem. I am sorry Beyonce is not responding nor shopping your company. One thing I have tried to do once a day is going on my followers pages and engage them. Always responding to what they are saying , giving them compliments and much more. Its not about my business all the time. When your audience feels more like friends they will be more willing to support your brand not just be window shoppers.

Your business is really grows when you are honest and being yourself. There have been times I tried to do what others were doing because it seemed to be working. They were getting the comments, likes, pins and growing numbers. However, I started noticing they were going from hustle to hustle trying to make money. What they were doing wasn’t resonating with their audience. Thats a problem. My audience rocks with me because of my transparency. I didnt set out to be super transparent. I just felt being myself, honest and real was more important.

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