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An Inside Look Into A Creative Entrepreneurs Weekly Schedule

People wonder what I do on a daily basis as a creative entrepreneur. As it must seem like all creatives have a bunch of times on their hands since they are “on social media” all day every day. Which most people don’t understand the need for business owners to be on these platforms that build the expertise and bring awareness to their company. Some people love being on Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter or Instagram depending on their needs and wants. 

However, today I personally wanted to provide you with an inside look into my weekly schedule as a creative entrepreneur. This is a complete breakdown of what my week can look like at any time. I try my hardest to do a theme week, day designation and things of that nature, which I talked about on my Youtube channel a couple months back.

Day Designation

When I am using day designation to really focus on my business this is how the days look like. This might also vary depending if I am doing theme week or not which I will explain in a second.

  • Monday – money management. I am going over income, expenses, invoices, products and things of that nature.
  • Tuesday – consulting. This has been the designated day for consulting with clients for almost two years now. If I have no consults on that day I am researching and working on projects for clients under ICB Consults
  • Wednesday – Content creation for blogs. So even though all of Imperfect Concepts and ICB Consults blog content is written a month in advance there is a bunch of content that just in my google calendar. I am constantly writing titles and bullet points. Refinaning the content I put out to my audience.
  • Thursday – Video content aka Youtube. This might seem funny but I get my hair done almost weekly or try to get it done early Thursday morning so my hair doesn’t look like a birds nest when when recording, lol. Then I record on average 3 videos on that day. Then sitting down editing the video, writing the description and making the graphics.
  • Friday – Meetings. I have a lot of meetings and I try to make sure they fall on the same day of the week so its easier for me and I am not distracted. Also, I travel almost every other weekend so I am packing.
  • Saturday – content creation for newsletter and social media. I don’t spend all day Saturday working 8 hours. I work maybe four hours putting together content for the newsletters and knowing what I want to discuss on ICB Consults Facebook and Instagram for the week. Even designing the graphics I might need for newsletters or post.

Sharing a peak into my life a six figure creative entrepreneur. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #advice

I try to practice sabbath on Sunday which means no work. I use to work seven days a week and still felt like nothing was happening. Last month I tried doing sabbath twice in a week. Which was really helpful to me to reconnect with God and my business. It is something I thinking of doing at least once a month.

Theme Week

So, the schedule above really does change when I am doing Theme Week for my business. If you watched the video you know that dominates how I plan my week. The entire week has a singular focus that helps me accomplish goals that I have created. Theme week is amazing if you are gearing up to launch a product, service or something of that nature. That way each day you have a mini goal that keeps you aligned with what you’re trying to achieve.

Being a creative entrepreneur is a dream come true for me as a business owner. This is the schedule that keeps my business going by focusing on what I need to be doing to make sure I am providing the right content, tools and resources to my audience.

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