A Life Update On Personal and Business Matters

You know your girl is good for relaunching something by just popping up without a word. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the last couple of years, and I wanted to share a quick over with you today—a Life update on personal and business matters.

Truth Of The Matter
God sat me down and said aht aht. I felt like I was at the top of my career, and it fell apart for everyone to see. It was hurtful and caused depression if I am genuinely truthful. There was a time, and still, I saw people who stole my content and products “winning.” It was like a stab in the heart. They were gaining followers, money, and success. God had to sit me down and let me know you need to chill. What I have for you, no one can take away. There are days this is still hard to digest, but then I remember 1. I have never stolen someone’s content or product and passed it off as mine. 2. I don’t live for the world; I live to save souls for Christ 3. I know what I am talking about and can talk about small businesses all day long. 4. I am not lying on Al Gore’s internet to impress others.

Blogging For Business
Last December, I chatted with a couple of friends about my business and what I wanted to do. I love blogging, and if I am honest, the time away was exactly what I needed. Seeing that people were still doing the same fluff reminded me why I do this. The other day, I noticed someone who is a consultant say, “I spent x amount of money on consulting services so I could teach my clients.” I made the meh face because that’s what consulting has come to. People who have never had a real business go attend a session or two to “teach others.” I believe we all have gifts and talents that God gives us. That we must honor Him by fulfilling our life purpose. Personally, my talent is helping others, and I love seeing others win, and I excel at assisting in that avenue by consulting. The goal is to blog twice a week and send out a newsletter once a month.

For the last month or so, I have been taking a couple of courses to grow my reach online. Imperfect Concepts blog’s purpose has always to help other business owners through the right tools, resources, and insights- and I am going to keep doing that.

Kick Start Your eCommerce Pivot.
Kick Start Your eCommerce will focus on business tools through courses and limited consulting. My current clients will stay on for the duration of their contracts. Prospect clients can apply for sessions that are discovery roadmap sessions. As much as I love consulting, I am focused on scaling to help more people—the goal of finally launching the accelerator I wanted to open for the last five years ago.

Business Bestie Launch
For over a decade, I have always wanted to own a company that helped others and employed those in my local community. God willing, I will be able to launch Business Bestie as a tech company this fall. I am currently sourcing a team because what I need to do isn’t a solo project.

The last couple of years have been a rollercoaster, but I am utterly grateful God had the foresight to sit me down so I could genuinely hone in on what I want. The funny thing is the last blog was over 1/9/2018, but Imperfect Concepts blog gets thousands of views a month.

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