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6 Things Having A YouTube Channel Taught Me About Business

You can say I rejoined the Youtube world almost five months ago since that is when I posted my most recent video. Prior to posting I am back video it had been one year since I recorded Be Uniquely You. Which is far from consistent. Creating a youtube channel had been on my yearly goal list for the last two years. In the last 90 days I have really got consistent and focused. Going to a private Youtube Creator Day event does motivate you. Today, I want to share how my Youtube channel has taught me several things about running a successful business. 

Prepare Yourself

This is one the biggest things that Youtube has taught me in the last couple months. Prepare yourself for what you are about to do. I am not a in front of the camera person nor did I think I like hearing myself talk. Even though I basically talk for a living by consulting clients. In life we do not prepare ourselves for stepping out of comfort zone. We either skate it or jump right in. Prepare yourself for what you are about to embark on.

Knowledge Is Power

The crazy thing about me is I love reading so when I wanted to learn more about Youtube and creating a better channel I was looking for videos. The issue was most people were telling how to use to by way of their videos. Luckily when I decided to commitment to Youtube they announced a Youtube Creators Day and they happen to be having one in Houston. I immediately signed up. In addition to that, I talked to friends like Tiffany and Brandi who have Youtube channels. Gaining insight knowledge will help you on your journey.

Plan Your Content

When I first started doing the videos again I would tell Sarah oh I am going to talk about xyz but I still felt scattered. Now I have an on going list with a break down of sub bullets for all video content. When you are writing content or creating videos you need to actually plan the content you want to distrisbute to your audience. It helps you become more confident in what you’re doing because you have prepared this content and are knowledgable.

Slow & Steady

I have leaped into numerous things especially when it comes to business. I don’t plan it out. I just go with the flow and run with it. In business, now I suggest to people that they take their time. There is nothing wrong with going slow and steady pacing yourself. When I was at the Youtube workshop there was people talking about they post videos twice a day. I legit did eeek & felt overwhelmed. Then I realized go slow and steady running my own race.

Rejoining the youtube community, has taught me numerous things about life and business. | Imperfect Concepts #youtube #smallbusiness #vlogging

Get Organized

Okay, so for the longest I didnt know there was “playlist” on Youtube. This goes back to gaining knowledge when preparing to do something. Everyone was talking to me about playlist but I never noticed playlist as a viewer because I would be searching google and videos would pop up. Never, thought to look at Youtubers playlist. When you are getting ready to launch or do something make sure you are organized and your audience can find what you are selling or talking about easily with great navigation.

Develop Your Brand Style

My company is not your companies or anyone else. In the social media world we are easily influenced by others verse doing what makes us feel good. We want to be loved and liked by others so we feel having similar styles will help others love our brands too. No, my Youtube channel actually taught me having my unique point of view is important in the marketplace. I need to make sure my brand is me and not someone else.

My Youtube channel has taught me these six things and much more. I am very glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and started doing this video.

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