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Creating Low Cost Digital Products For Women Entrepreneurs

When I started running my business almost seven years ago there really wasn’t business blogs that you could read. Etsy was in its infancy stage and the new age business experts that are growing at an alarming rate wasn’t really happening. I remember reaching out to Judy of Atlantis Home because we lived in Dallas together. I would always see her and her daughter Jane of Seas of Shoes in the local thrift store. So, I reached out on how to start a business. She gave me some advice on what she knew.

Fast forward to 2015, and Pinterest is the new Google full of resources if you want to start a business or blog. Simply put the phrase “start a business or start a blog” in Pinterest and a sea of images will bombard your screen. Which is amazing to say the least. I am happy the information is out there for the masses now. 

This goes to my companies why. Imperfect Concepts went from an online high end resale boutique to business blog. When people ask me about my company I tend to say its an educational tech company for the women entrepreneur. I mean my mission is to help a million women through entrepreneurship. I remember when I came up with that goal. I was on a call with someone from Google about a project. They mention I could help thousands of women and I said no “I am going to help a million women through entrepreneurship.” The Imperfect Concepts brand is comprised of the blog, this website and ICB Consults. ICB Consults is where I really touch on helping a million women through entrepreneurship.

On the website, I sell digital products that range from $2 all the way to $29.99. I remember when I was first figuring out how to write an eBook to go along with the consulting service I offered at the time. Looking back to three years ago when I was doing it, I was over thinking helping business owners with all these fancy packages for consulting and so on.

Why I created low cost digital products to help women business owners succeed in life. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #womeninbusiness #digitalproducts #entrepreneurs

As of right now I love creating digital products that are easier to use. When I first started my products were priced at a random price I thought they were worth. I wasn’t thinking long term when it came to cost. Please note you can start at one price with digital products its easier to go down in price than raise it drastically. There are some bloggers and business experts that charge $65 for one digital product. I have NEVER even bought a business book that cost that much. People always ask me why do I have products for “so cheap.” Shouldn’t they be worth so much more.

Yes and no is the answer. I am not actually designing the product my graphic designer is. So, thats one overhead cost of time that I am not personally using on my own. Second, when I first started I was naive everything seemed like I was helping find the cure for the common cold. Now, there are moments when I learning something new to grow my business that I feel like that. I don’t want people to feel they need to break the bank to learn particulars to grow their business. My company was started with $400! I might not seem like I have a huge presence to some but I run my company full time off of consulting and digital products.

Going into the winter I plan on doing some even more cooler things to help women entrepreneurs have access to low cost digital products and more. There is a strong why behind my company and it goes back to how I felt when I was starting my business. Why do you what you do for your business?

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