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Online Resources For Women Business Owners

We are all about women empowerment at our office. Who else is going to be our biggest cheerleaders when it comes to taking over new and old industries? It is important to be a part of a community and have connections with others. When I first started in business, I knew of five sources for business: SBA, Inc, Entrepreneur, Public Library and Forbes. That is about it. Those are the things I relied on to help form and shape my business. I wanted to give you several cool online resources for women business owners to help empower you on your journey. 

Now there are a multitude of support systems for the creative women entrepreneur trying to take over the world. We know we cant be your only source, but gosh darn it we are a good source. If you are just starting out, some of the information can be overwhelming. Even on our site at times it can be like that. However just take notes and let it marinate in you. Trust you will get the hang of it

Levo League

Levo League Graphic

Is an amazing website helping women get connected in all aspects of their career life. Are you needing a mentor? They have an option for you to connect with thousands of professionals. Seeking another job to help you grow your skills and make the most out of your strengths? They have a carefully curated job board with companies from AOL to Gilt Groupe. Their articles are very insightful, even if you are not trying to climb the corporate ladder. They did an Office Hours with Warren Buffett last year. Super cool.



Are you wanting to be a well-rounded business owner that knows more about how a site is built and how to create graphics? Skillcrush is going to be your BFF. They have programs in place to teach you how to learn these things and a lot more. Recently, I pointed a coaching client in their direction and she is taking one of their coding classes. $179 is a steal. Learn the skills you need today. Check out their free 10-Day boot camp.


Women 2.0

Personally, I am more a tech girl than a fashion girl. I would totally fan girl to meet Elon Musk or Sergey. Bumping into Marc Jacobs, I would just give a head nod. lol. So if you are more a fan girl for the tech scene the Women 2.0 is perfect for you. They are a media brand company that focuses on helping women entrepreneurs in the tech community. They have a conference every year that brings out thousands. In addition to amazing pitch competition, they recently added Women 2.0 meet ups to help you connect with other great women in your city.

These sites are amazing and I love what they are doing to empower women when it comes to their careers, finances and business life. I believe to be extremely successful you need a couple of things: hard work, determination, communication skills, community support and the thirst for knowledge.

There are too many tools out there to help people become successful in whatever they want. It’s a mental block in their mindset that is stopping them from achieving their dreams.

Have you heard of these three communities fostering the empowerment of women? What are you parts of community that supports the development of women?

Photography by Terry; image sourced by Flickr Creative Commons

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