As small business owners and entrepreneurs, it is imperative that we keep our minds alert so we can focus on our business, and that we are physically in shape. Our bodies are temples and lifelines. If your body is weak and stressed, how do think you can function enough to run a business?

In college, I used to be super active when it came to working out. I am really lucky to be 5’9 and 130 pounds. I have always eaten healthy and drank enough water. But, with age, our body changes. For me, cute clothes are always a motivator to stay fit. These are actually pieces I wear while kickboxing, taking spin classes, doing yoga or training with my brother.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 1: These are on of my favorite pairs of shoes for working out. They fit great and they did not need to be broken in. It is important to remember that not all shoes are created equal. For different training and sports, you need different shoes, so make sure you find the right pair for you. An added bonus about these shoes is that they come in cool colors and prints.

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Tights: I literally live in these tights. (I have over 6 pairs)! They can be worn to yoga, running, kick boxing and more. I am not really a fan of blowy pants or shorts when working out. I prefer the long tights.

Nike Seamless Gym Bra: Okay, let me state that I am a 34G in bra’s. So finding a good workout bra is a task in itself. I use this bra when I am doing light workouts. If I am running or something of that nature, I use a totally different bra. Since a majority of my workouts are light and easy, I usually stick to this bra. It comes in many of colors and prints like the rest of Nike’s gear.

Nike Rally’s Women Pullover: I’m a sucker for a goodie hoodie. I tend to only wear them when I am working out. However they are so freaking cute and stylish. Nike had a pull-off-the-shoulder sweatshirt I missed awhile back, so now I’m destined to find another.

As you can see, I am slightly biased to Nike products. Since middle school, that’s the only brand I really wear when it comes to sports and active wear. Plus, now they make great prints, colors and designs. It does help that I have a very nice Nike Dunk collection in my house. I am a brand loyalist to say the least!

Cute workout clothes are always a motivator to workout. What do you wear on your runs or other workout activities?

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