EVERGREEN CONTENT: What Is It & How To Create

When you search Google or any search engine, you will get a similar definition for what Evergreen content is: 

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It revolves around a topic that’s always relevant to readers. 


When I look at my blog stats, articles from 2015-2017 rank higher on Google because of SEO and because I used the tactic of creating evergreen content to grow my readership. However, many experts, influencers, and coaches have stated to make social media your “mini-blog” and focus less on blogging or Youtube content in the last couple of years. Over time, people stop updating their sites and focused content solely on social media. The problem lies with Facebook, Twitter, Clubhouse, Tiktok, Instagram, and more do not index your content like that. Your content is their content to be searched only on their platform. Yes, Instagram rolled out a push to create SEO within the app, but it is not tied to search engines. When you think of evergreen content, you should focus on what can be indexed when your website is crawled for DR. 

People Are Not Producing Evergreen Content Like They Use To

Late last year, I searched for something on Google when I noticed that the most recent content was from 2018. We were in twenty-twenty, and I couldn’t find a post from this year. It took me going back five pages to find “current year” content, but this goes back to why domain ranking and SEO matter for your business.

However, when I went to Instagram and searched for a hashtag for something similar, over 10K hashtags populated. If I am experiencing the issue of finding content on search engines, that means so are others. Suppose you are still blogging or have a service or product-based business content matters. You need to have content on your website that the “bots” search for indexing keywords and metatags. If you’re unfamiliar with these words, check out my SEO ebook—a simple breakdown of how SEO work. 

Examples of Evergreen content 

  • How To Style A Little Black Dress 
  • 52 Prompts For Email Marketing 
  • Best Designer Bags Under $2000
  • Step By Step Guide On Launching Your Business 
  • Seven Ways To Style Over The Knee Boots
  • Keto vs. Carnivore Diet 
  • Prepare Yourself For Daniel Fast 
  • Design A Vision Board To Help With Your Goals 
  • Finding To Find The Right Business Consultant To Help You 
  • Skin Tips: How To Wash Your Face Properly 
  • Three Exercises To Help Shape Your Butt 
  • What Are Snitch Braids Hairstyle
  • Graphic Designer in (insert city)

These are examples of evergreen content that influencers, bloggers, and business owners can use to help drive traffic to your website. I believe, in 2021, that web searching will grow drastically even more, especially with the emphasis on video content. If you’re trying to grow your business without spending money on ads, use Google and search terms related to your business. Next, see what populates and create content around that. 

Trust me; someone is googling terms such as the ones I listed above and much more. Last year, I was googling for a new hairstylist, and the lack of websites that populated was appalling; however, when I went to Instagram and used #killeenhairstylist, so many populated. Remember, it’s crucial to build your website content just as much as; social media. 

Don’t Overthink Your Evergreen Content. 

It is that simple to create content that will resonate years to come. Several years ago, I wrote a piece on creating a MailChimp header, and it brings on an average of 1000 views a month to my website. Those readers are coming from Google searches and Pinterest. Over twelve years ago, I started blogging to share the BTS of being a business owner. When I create content, it is focused on solving problems and providing insight. Content on the dupe of MAC lipstick is just as valuable as how to change a tire or whatever your business focuses on. As I stated earlier, I searched how to blow dry hair; by the way, her tips were super helpful, and the video was less than seven minutes.

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