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The Human Element of SEO

There is great news for all the writers out there! According to the New York Times article, The Dirty Little Secrets of Search, the only way to do SEO in 2013 is by developing content and refining your social media presence. I know this is what I’m always talking about, but it is somewhat validating that the days of paying linkage companies, hiring black hat SEO specialists, and having to have a lot of money to do SEO is behind us. Now, it’s time for the creatively inspired and the brilliantly trained writers to step up to the plate and start writing content!

Now let’s talk about some of the things I haven’t mentioned before: mobile devices, quality backlinks and social media (all of which play a major part in SEO).

Mobile Devices

  • Make sure your site has an easily navigable site for mobile devices.
  • Create vibrant apps! Show off your lookbook, display the trends and think about your use of color, font, layout, and copy.
  • Attach that mobile device to your hip. Start responding to emails, blog comments, Facebook posts, and Twitter mentions faster than ever before. Stay up to date on articles and what’s in the news for your niche. Use your cell phone to run a business; everyone’s using his or hers to buy from yours.

Quality Backlinks

Popularity, which as seen in my previous article, is one of the two ways to increase rank on search engines (along with relevance).  However, where it used to be important to have as many links as possible—and here’s the change in 2013—they need to be quality links! Here’s how to build them:

  • Only get backlinks from respected websites. Don’t let a black hat site link your articles, products or services. This means, watch who is linking your site are they using black hat techniques?
  • Build links inside your content. Here at ICB, we constantly link to websites that we find informative and content based.
  • A great way to build viewership is to link a fellow small business or blogger within your content in order to bring them to your site, so they can see both of you have a similar vision.

Social Media

Social media is HUGE. It’s so important in the way the internet is working these days that if you’re not doing it, you’re going to get left in the dust! However, find the social media platforms that work for you. Don’t join all of them. Pick a handful and create a full-blown campaign.

  • Be a voice for your fans! Don’t tell them some fake story about a business owner who has always been successful and never faced any bumps along their way. Share some dirty laundry and be personable.
  • This is their glimpse into how you are as a boss, employee, business consultant, etc. If you want them to hire you or buy your product, don’t show them that you’re dramatic, offensive or a bully. Make sure you remain professional. If you want to tell the truth without sugar coating things, take the IC approach and be fair and logical in your arguments.
  • Remember grammar rules, but don’t sound like a robot. Be colloquial and fun. Show your personality, and make a positive impact.

I hope this helps with all your small business endeavors. Remember, social media is a glimpse at the soul of your business—you—and content is what will make your viewers your friends

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