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People always ask me how I multitask, being that I run Imperfect Concepts and  ICB Consults. Honestly, I organize my life using my iPhone. Everything I need is in that powerful little thing. Who would’ve thought that something so small could run a huge small business?


Highwire – The shopping cart I use for my store’s ecommerce site. With this, I am able to see all orders, updates, shop stats and customer information in simple swipes.

WordPress – IC is on a WordPress platform. I can easily write a blog post that “sparks” while waiting in line at Target checkout. I can also see updates Myriah, my copywriter, has made to her posts or mine.

Etsy – I mentioned earlier this year that I took the plunge into the wonderful world of Etsy. I mainly use the app to communicate with customers who message me, and it’s super convenient. I can also see orders, updates, shop stats and customer information.


Bank of America – Yes, I bank with them. (No evil looks.) I have a great banker at my local location. I can do everything—both personal and business wise–with my app. I can even pay invoices on the spot by sending money via email.

Paypal/ Paypal Here – No long-winded explanation needed. Every small business owner and their grandma has a Paypal app. I even have Paypal Here, their mobile payment option to take orders right on the spot.

Square – A mobile payment option co-founded by Jack Doresy (also a co-founder of Twitter). I tend to use Square more than Paypal. They both do the same thing, but the one I use just depends on which one I grab faster.


Evernote – Evernote is my best friend. I learned about Evernote by reading Chris Guillebeau’s book. Then, I saw some articles about how helpful it is.  It keeps track of all my notes, photos and more. Plus, it syncs with my other devices. So, if I am on my Macbook Air, I can see the same stuff that’s on my iPhone.

Shoeboxed – I learned about this from Meg of The Edit. Outright is what I use as my bookkeeping software, but I was still hoarding loads of receipts in shoeboxes and expandable folders. This app scans them, and makes all your receipts digital. WOOOHOO! Mind blowing right?

Dropbox– Dropbox is a cloud based hosting server. You upload all your information i.e. documents, photos, contracts etc. It connects to all your devices also. The great thing is, my copywriter, graphic designer and web designer all share folders so we can see when each other updates a document or uploads a new one.

Yeah, the list is rather long. Did you really think I was going to have just one app that made my life run smoothly? Ha, I wish. My iPhone helps tremendously. Everything that is on the iCloud is on my phone. I can work anywhere in the world with that and my Macbook Air.  What apps do you use to run your business?

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