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Utilizing Constructive Feedback To Help Grow Your Business

The other day, I was talking to a friend about how business owners are not open to receiving constructive feedback regarding their businesses. Honestly, we can debate on this subject for hours, but most people have a wall up and believe they are right all the time. If you come to me with honest, constructive feedback, and insight I can use to help me grow my business I am all ears, notepad and recording device. I believe in order to be the best business owner; my iron needs to be sharpened by others. Today, I want to share how you can utilize constructive feedback to help grow your business. 

In the last eight years, I have had a multitude of business owners as mentors. Individuals who are billionaires, millionaires, and people of influences in their industries, who have gotten their hands dirty time and time again to ensure their business growth. One thing, I am very thankful is the constructive feedback they have imparted to help grow my business.

Take Nothing Personal

If this is business, there nothing personal about it. When I first launched my initial company, that was a huge hangup for me as a business owner. You see your company as your baby, so it becomes personal when someone shares feedback. The information that was provided to you could change the trajectory of your business by the millions, but it stung because someone said something you don’t like. One thing, I tell all clients is “I am blunt, and will not hold your hand.” Starting a company is extremely hard, but building a company that withstands decades takes even more work.

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Leverage The Insight

When someone takes the time to help you, they want you to win. They didn’t just stop what they are doing to read your blog, attend your event or whatever else you’re doing. They are invested in you and your company. Take heed to all the details they are providing you and leverage the insight to grow your business. My friend, Katrice mentioned to me a long time ago that she liked the content I was producing, but I could use the guidance of a copywriter or editor. When the money was in my budget, and I was writing three times a week, I hired a freelancer copywriter. Immediately, I saw the difference in my content, an increase in shares and my audience engaging.

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Seek Constructive Feedback

We are all making mistakes and learning at the same time. If you’re just starting out, I highly suggest hiring a business consultant or strategist to help guide you and your business. Working with this person from 6 months to 18 months would be ideal in my opinion. After, that I would suggest working with them quarterly to keep your business on track. If you cannot afford a consultant to work with, then find a mentor or someone who you can buy coffee. It is important that you find someone who is invested in your business and wants you to win.

My business is far from perfect, but I am constantly asking my audience and those who influence my business for the guidance I need to scale my business. No man is an island and for your business to grow you need to help. How can you implement a plan to receive constructive feedback in your business? Does that mean having clients or customers feeling out surveys? Sending out emails to VIP’s asking for insight. Whatever you need to do, make the plan now to do so.

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