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Eight Ways To Scale Your Business This Week In Order To Land Sales

In recent months, this has been a recurring question from my audience on social media. Today, I wanted to break down how its truly possible to scale your business even when you’re on the tightest budget out there. A couple years ago, I wrote Lack Of Money Doesn’t Stop This Train. Too many times we get caught in the money thinking that if its not there we stall out as business owners. This goes back to false perceptions we have and the reason we must say affirmations that keep us aligned and focused. 

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

This is something I think people forget about all the time. We are not cultivating friendships just to be popular but help each other. Reaching out to people in your circle can help you in so many ways. Every time someone shares how The Power Of 10 Network ebook helped them create meaningful connections it makes me happy. Because the goal of helping others understand their network is their net worth. Every week you should be building a strong network of people who can help you and you can help them.

Free Resources

One of my favorite websites for small business owners is Creative Market. Every Monday they send out an email with six free tools for creatives to utilize. Last week, they had a free WordPress blog template! How many of you said you wanted to start blogging but needed a template. There was your free template and then you could’ve signed up for Blue Host for $3.99 hosting and received a free domain name.

Actually Utilize Social Media

There are over 300+ free social media platforms out there right now that you can be on connecting with your audience. Yesterday, I discussed how to set up automation for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook these are great ways to reach people. A couple months back I tweeted how I purchased a fur pouf from Arm Candy Crush after I tweeted about my purchased she received more. Invite your audience to share their purchase with their social media audience. Heck, you can even create a loyalty program to increase the shares your customers will do.

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Facebook Advertising Budget

A couple weeks ago, I discovered Jacque on Twitter and she shared this amazing article on how to really kill it with Facebook ads. This is not the first time, I have read an amazing article on how a little investment yielded great results with Facebook ads. Get Busy Living wrote an in-depth post on how he profited $100K online through his Facebook ads.

First Time Purchase Cards

Ming Lee has built a luxury hair empire but she started from humbling beginnings. Don’t get lost in the sauce of her amazing marketing skills. When she first started on her days off she was out passing out flyers at her local malls and shopping centers. Your first time purchase cards are similar your next purchase cards you put in your online orders. However, they are introducing your business to a new local customer. Offering this LOCAL customer a 25% off first purchase.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Sometimes, I think my clients think I am very strange with my tactics but you know what they work. A couple months back, I told Vernita of Retired and Lovin It that she needs to ALWAYS carry her product on her. You see you never know where you will run into a customer. Stay ready never have to get ready thought process. This allows gives your customer the chance to share with others how easy it was to support you.

Get In The Door

A plethora of my consulting clients have products that are sold online but in recent months I have been pushing them to get wholesale contracts and get in the door. You see your scrubs, t-shirts, custom clutches, jewelry in more can be in the boutiques in your town. T+J Designs is in over 150 stores in the United States. They learned to diversify their streams of income by providing wholesale.

Join Community

Let me be real frank with you. You’re business will never grow if you continuously do everything on your own. Been there done that and got a t-shirt for it. As a business owner you need community to grow your business. This is different than your network. I am talking people who actually get it and can open your eyes to what you’re missing. My business was able to scale fast because the community I built around it. Its not about me its about the empower of women owned businesses through the right tools, resources and insight.

There is a plethora of ways for you to scale your business, but first you must create a plan and then act. Too many people get stuck in the funds are low thought process they never act.

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