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How To Prepare Your Small Business For Holiday Season

Right now, you’re probably thinkings its November where did the time go. However, I need you thinking “is my small business ready to undertake the billions of dollars that will be spent this holiday season?” People love to shop and spend money, even it tightens their budgets or puts them over their budget during the Christmas time of year. It’s all about the joy on their loved ones faces when they open their gifts or when you’re at a company holiday party exchanging secret Santa gifts. As a small business owner, who owned an online boutique for several years I know how hectic this time of year can get. Today, I want to go over four areas you should make sure your business updates in for holiday season 2016.

Marketing Budget

First, let’s talk about all the moola that needs to be invested to grow your business. Note I stated invested not spent because it’s a mind thing when it comes to money. A couple of months back, I discussed How To Maximize A Yearly Budget of $2,000 if you read that piece you know I noted breaking that figure down into four quarters. No matter if you have $200 or $5000 for marketing you need to spend the time investing in it. Last year, I wrote a blog post that covered $100 invest to the $1500 invest level of marketing on a budget. This year, I want you to focus on getting out on the weekends passing out first purchase cards, which are similar to next purchase cards. They provide an introduction to your audience of who you are and give them a small discount. If you have room in your budget run some Facebook ads, targeting your mailing list people. This should help you.

Four ways to get your small business ready to for this upcoming holiday season.  | Imperfect Concepts

Product Inventory

Every day you should be working on creating your companies tipping point for success. If you are doing that, then this holiday season will be a very good time for you, if you have the inventory in stock. Sorry, not sorry no one wants to wait 2-3 weeks to receive something unless its custom. Then it’s totally understandable. If you have a physical product you make yourself then every day you should be committed to making 2-3 of them. It’s always best to have inventory on hand. What if Oprah called wanting a piece or without your knowledge you end up in the holiday gift guide? Yeah, you need that inventory high and in stock. Mainly it’s going to motivate yourself to get out there and sell yourself and the business.

Graphics For Website, Social Media, and More

Listen to me very clearly if your budget is tight, run to Canva or PicMonkey right now and start designing your call to action banners for this holiday season. You do not have to go full on red, white and green. If your company colors say are black and white throw some gold or red in there for holiday spirit. Or maybe just adding a snowflake here and there. Here are two articles to help you with the call to actions, one for holiday season and one for general information.


If you not launched your website and wanting to capitalize off of holiday sale season, the time to start is no later than this weekend. You can utilize Kick Start Your eCommerce to help you with that. Outside of having the call to action banners ready to direct your customers you want to make sure that a couple of things are updated on there. Such as your shipping policy if you have a product. Last year, the post office raised their prices a little bit, and they issue out deadlines to make sure customers receive them on time. In addition to that, I would go over your overall company policies to make sure everything is smooth and to your liking.

The reason most small business fail during this time is because they do not plan or invest. A Facebook campaign can run for $2 a day that’s a small invest to receive leads for your company. Take the time this weekend to plan out exactly what you are trying to achieve this holiday season.

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