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3 Ways To Equip Your Supporters With The Right Tools To Uplift Your Business

First, let me point out it took forever to come up with a title I loved that in turned expressed what this article would be about. You see I am over people assuming others have to support your dream because you have it. No one has to support your dream but you. You have to be the driving force behind that idea that turns into a mission others get behind. Some will get behind the cause immediately, others it will take time and then you know the rest will follow. You see early on I realized one thing about equipping my friends and family aka my supporters with the right tools to uplift my business, I need to invite them personally.

That’s the step so many of us miss because we are consumed with people supporting us just because we posted it on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and every other social network out there. We didn’t invite them in an away that engages them to see this business is more than a mere dream of yours. It’s something that will change lives. Here are the three ways I have learned to equip my supporters with the right tools to uplift your business;

Scripted Email

The scripted email is my go to way to connect people with what I am doing no matter the project; it always yields results for me. Maybe two weeks before, I launch a company I write an email to my closes friends and family asking for their support. In the email, I outline what I am trying to do and how they can help me. That’s the key thing you need to guide them. Don’t just say hey girl I am launching a business and want your support. Below is an example of an email you can send.

Hey (insert friends name) – very important to address the individually
As you know, I’m launching my new company (insert company name here) in two weeks, but being a new business it will take the time to garner attention and support.  I truly believe in the power of ten networks, calling on those close to help push your dreams further. So, I’m reaching out to you to help me bring awareness to my new business. Here are a couple of ways you can help;
  • Follow my business on these social networks
  • Share our social media channels with your friends
  • Utilize this unique promo code for launch day
  • Share this promo code with your friends and family
  • Introduce me to anyone who would like to hear my company vision and mission.
I’m very excited to be pursuing my dreams of launching (insert company name here), as you know this has been a passion of mine for years. I’m incredibly grateful for you taking any of these actions to help pursue my dreams. If you have any ideas, comments or concerns, please feel to reach out.
Learn more why you need to provide your friends and family with the right information and tools to spread awareness regarding your business.
A very short and sweet email that outlines what you’re doing, how they can help you and even opening the door for suggestions. The worst thing they can do is say no. If you they chose not to do not be mad or upset just know that it’s okay. Focus on continuing launching your product, company or service.

Social Media Post

If you know that your friends are super active on social media providing them with a scripted social media post is a better route for you to take. First, you will need to provide several options for them. You will need a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube content outlined for them. Provide them with a graphic they can utilize too. Studies have shown increased engagement when there is a graphic attached with the message being sent. When creating your social media scripted content keep in mind what platform it will be going on. Twitter has a 140 character limit, and you want to include your link + graphic. Creating a custom bitly link will help keep track of how is clicking for what message.

Custom Promo Code

Utilizing a promo code is the simplest way to help your supporters uplift your business. It’s one I share with clients all the time, but its one people rarely actually use. Creating custom promo codes for your friends, family and supporters to share with others. This makes the leap into supporting you easier. Remember, people buy from people they trust. They trust the person who is referring them, but they don’t know you. Allowing them to use a 10-20% off promo code for the first time, is an excellent way to get them into the door. That’s all we want is to have people try us one time. Our product, service or customer service will keep them coming back after that.
If you have not done one of these three ways to equip your supporters with the right tools to introduce others to your business you should try it this week.
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