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Learn How To Truly Connect With Influencers For A Win-Win Relationship

People LOVE sliding into my DM’s on social media to ask me a question, to purchase their products and more. Yes, I am all for supporting other small businesses especially women based companies, but I have an issue with how new business owners lack the professionalism on how to form a relationship before asking for something. Today, I really want to give you a simple break down on how to ask an influencer for something right. 


Engage Them

Question, are you on social media actually engaging the influencers you want to connect with? I am not saying low key stalk them but when they post subject matter that connects with you engage them. Engagement tells the influencer that you exist. Thats the thing so many people follow me on social media and read my blog but never take the time to engage me. So, technically I do not know they exist they are just a number in the sea. That might sound sad or rude, but think about it if you don’t speak how is someone suppose to know you are there. When you walk into a room your presence is noted by you speaking to others. Make sure you are engaging those you want to work with.

Introduce Yourself

This is very funny to me that people will email me or DM but not introduce themselves at all. I don’t know random people in my messages if they don’t engage me. You see I have an excellent memory its very funny to friends and family. People who constantly engage me on social media are people I will go out the way to learn about and connect. They have introduced themselves and said why they love my platform. Heck, some people have made suggestions that I actually implemented in my business. Make your presence know my introducing yourself to the people you follow.

If you really want to connect with the top influencers in your industry these four tips are a must. | Imperfect Concepts

Build A Solid Relationship

One of my favorite digital products is The Power Of 10 Network ebook. It truly focuses on how you can create real relationships with influence no matter where you are in life. In the ebook, I detail how I was able to connect with Sara Blakey and Lisa Price two women that have changed the business world with their companies. If you want a real relationship that is built on integrity and last a long time you must know the person. People who build a relationship with me know how important my family is, who is my best friend is, my love for Jesus, Starbucks, Target and shoes. They connect with me on those levels. If I am in your city and you have introduced yourself, engaged me and built a relationship of course, we can get coffee. Too many times people forget to build the foundation and then the house falls apart.

Pitch Them

This is something that comes well after really forming a relationship with the influencer. Its not an overnight thing that just happens and you send a pitch the next day. It took a year of connecting with bloggers before I reached out to work with them when I had my online boutique. To be honest, there is too much drama in this world and I am very aware of who I want my brand to be attached to. Whats crazy after building relationships with several people they actually reached out to me. You see I laid the foundation before asking for something. Thats the issue we put the money and connections before the relationship.

These four simple tips will help you build real relationships that not only change your business but your personal life too. Daily I am thankful that I learned to introduce myself to people I want to connect with, engage them on the regular and build a solid relationship.

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