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Successful people know they can not be defined by lists and what other people say. When I first launched my business I followed the rules of the worlds of Mashable, TechCrunch, WSJ, HuffingtonPost and what Inc told me. They must know what it takes to be successful, right? They interview people and break the latest news on the subject. However as I became more aware of myself and my business I learned that I couldn’t be lead by their rules of success nor defined by them.

Recently, several sites have determined the guidelines of what makes people successful. They say, this is what they do in the morning, this is how they think and more. However these people are nothing like me. They are a small percentage of what success “supposedly” looks like. Here is what mine looks like. If you have read this site for a while, you already know I deem myself as a success.As soon as I am cognitively awake in the morning, I talk to God. I make it a priority to seek him first in my life versus second – third, or not at all. I realized when my life was once in dismay, God wasn’t in it as the focal point. Now God is my business partner, best friend, guidance counselor, millionaire match maker, and much more. I talk to him about the plans I have for the day and lay there feeling still and his presence over my life.

Next, I check the countless emails that have swarmed my inbox in the eight hours while I was sleeping. This is a huge no- no on certain lists that swear of the things successful people do in the morning. I’ve learned to bend the rules that fit me, but don’t set to break them. I’ll lay in my bed answering emails. During this time I am also doing oil pulling. I try to respond to all the emails that came in the night before and especially the ones I know I can respond to in less than two minutes.

After 20-30 minutes of email responding, I go workout. Everyday has it’s focus, be it arms, legs, core or even trying to achieve the Brazilian butt lift without the surgery. This happens every Monday – Friday. Some days I don’t want to but in general it’s part of my daily routine. All of this makes me happy and brings me peace. Also it’s a time that I can blast TI to obscene levels of loudness for motivation and not be judged.

Finally, before the “actual work” day begins, I sit down to have breakfast. This normally includes fresh green detox Juice and hot lemon water. The meal portion varies from bagels with avocado to lox or grits with bacon and eggs with toast.

During this time I read some of my favorite blogs and articles that I favorited on Twitter. I don’t rush through my routine, I take my time – I work for myself. I have no office to be or someone to answer to but myself. After this, the hustle and bustle of my day starts. My morning and night time routines are very important to me, they bring me peace and no one can rush me through them. With this, it makes the day easier.

I love reading other sites and hearing what their thoughts are on what successful people do in the morning. I more so  tend to believe you create your own success. If you listen to everyone else’s guidelines for your life you will not create success. Instead, you will constantly be trying to emulate what others have done to achieve success on their terms.

My success depends on my happiness.

Define what success means to you. Create a routine that goes with it and don’t be unapologetic about it!

What do you do in the morning? Do you have a routine or schedule that you tend to stick too?

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