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How To Attract Customers When Your Small Business Is Locally Based

For the last four years, I have lived in my small town that I grew up in. At first, I resented living here truly not understanding how I could truly thrive in a town where everyone wanted to do MLM (Multi Level Marketing), think ItWorks, Herblife, Mary Kay and ACN verse building their own companies. Then I really started focusing on excelling at what I do verse the size of town I live in. No matter if you live in a small town or a large one these six points can help you grow your business locally. 


This has been one the greatest things I could’ve implemented for my business on social media. Instagram allows you to utilize 30 hashtags on your post. Most people say you look thirsty or spam like if you utilize all 30. Here is my thing when it comes to using the maximum amount of hashtags under your post. If a company says we will give you a million dollars if you make a shot from half court, you get 30 tries to do so. Are you only going to use 5-10 times to make it. No, you will use them all to maximize the efforts of winning. I started using #killeen #killeenTexas in my hashtags. This has help me land the top post and gain a traction within my city.

Hosting Events or Classes

How many events truly cater to you and your audience in your town? There was a time I rarely seen events in my town that could help me grow my business. Then I started hosting my own classes that my target audience would want to attend. As I stated, host workshop at your local library article its all about reaching out and connecting. If you are looking for a specific type of networking event why not create the event yourself.

6 Tips on how to attract the right customers with your online business in your local community. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbiz #blogging

Coffee Connections

I have coffee once a week with someone. This has been something I started doing last year. One thing I noticed about successful people they maximize every hour of the day. They never eat alone and always connecting with others. My goal with Business Bestie is to make sure others have people to connect with. It is so important to link up and build community verses making imaginary competition.

Trunk Shows

This is something I share with all my clients to implement for their business. If you have a high number of local customers shopping with you, reach out to host a trunk show. The power of 10 network is one the best tools you can use to grow your company awareness. All you need is 5 loyal customers you can guarantee you a minimum of 10 attendees. You see if you have 5 people hosting a trunk show thats one event a month.

Vending Opportunity

Most clients who come to me have a million and one ideas they want to launch. My job is to narrow their focus down to the right opportunities. Vending opportunities are not something that works for everyone especially the market you are in. One thing I noticed is event will have vendors sign up to showcase their items during the conference. Normally, they put them in the corner and no one shops. Be very selecting of the pop up shops you pick. Research past ones to make sure your ideal customer is there.

Farmers Market

If you are a small business that focuses on making their products this perfect place for you. Customers who shop farmers market know that you are a small business and everything is local. There are three or four farmers markets in my city that set up during the weekend. I love to go almost every weekend and walk around looking at new products from the business owners. One client has a farmers market appearance set for every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the year. Getting in farmers markets can be hard. Make sure you have your business license and insurance.

These six tips can help you attract the right customers who can help grow your business locally.

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