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3 Tips On How To Style Your Instagram Feed To Be Visually Appealing

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platform in the last couple of years. One thing that happens with most people when they jump on a platform is they don’t understand how to utilize the platform correctly. This is something I see often with small business owners hoping to use Instagram to garner attention, sales, and a loyal fan base. Today, I want to share some insight on how to style your Instagram feed to be visually appealing. 

First, I created a couple visually appealing Instagram feeds in Canva to illustrate how a beautiful timeline can evoke emotion. That is something you need to remember and always keep first when thinking about posting on your social media. You are selling a lifestyle not a product even if you are blogger, product company or service company.

How to style your instagram feed if you're an education (business) style blogger to connect with your audience. | Imperfect Concepts #blogger #instagram #blogging #smallbusiness

Blogger Education Theme

Imperfect Concepts would be consider a blog but I am not a lifestyle or fashion blogger. My focus on content is education for business owners. I try to show my lifestyle of what is going on in my life on social media not just graphics with blog titles. I try to keep where my graphics with titles are in the middle. Then I focus on other aspects of sharing behind the scenes aspects such as, coffee, flowers, my office, shoes, interior design, quotes and more.

How to visually style your instagram feed if you're a service based company. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #advice #servicecompany #business

Service Based Company

So, I have a couple service based clients and I understand the need to showcase expertise but I personally believe that their are too many “thieves” on social media and best to save your expertise for blog post and newsletters. You can share little insights on Instagram. You can still do the middle graphic but you can also do more behind the scenes lifestyle shots vs constant graphics position you as an expert. For my service page, I prefer to stick to a color theme to keep my page appealing.

 Having an eye catching instagram is what sells. Learn exactly how to do it for your business.

Product Based Company

How to visually layout your product based company instagram. | Imperfect Concepts #socialmedia #instagram #blogging #advice

This is my pet peeve to be sold too. I am not a fan of the hard sale when it comes to product based companies social media. There is away to show off your product without looking like you are constantly selling it to your audience. Customers are more likely to purchase when they see the item on someone rocking it. One of your best assets as a company is to ask your customers to tag you in their photos + use your company name in the hashtags. So, you can track others who are using your products. You are able to highlight your customers.


If you have noticed in recent months, I have added hashtags to my Instagram feed. IG is constantly changing its aligorthim but this is a great way to be noticed by other people searching the hashtag. How I display my is simple;






#pursuepretty #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety #TNCHustler #bossbabe #ladyboss #solopreneur #creativepreneur

These are just some of the hashtags. When you click on the hashtags on Instagram it shows you others who are using them. Its important to note that IG only allows 30 hashtags. My hashtags are always in the first comment below my caption. On top of that I use five periods stacked on top of each one. This little secret hides the hashtags.

Schedule Of Posting + Simplicity

One thing I will state is social media can be overwhelming especially Instagram. Recently, I have personally cut down on ICB Consults Instagram posting 3 to four times a week. Imperfect Concepts I posted on seven times because its more business lifestyle blog so to speak. Also, keep it simple when thinking about what you post. You want consistency, but not something that wears you out. To help me with managing two accounts, I use Planoly* to schedule my post and see how my feed will look with the imagery.

When it comes to making your social media visually appealing specifically your instagram its about putting the effort to seeing how everything will work together

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