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The Continuous Pursuit Of Happiness

I spent a year or so running from the thought of being the face of my company. Let’s be completely honest, I have ran most of my business career from being the face of my company. I just didn’t want my face to be out there in the sense of thats Tasha. I wanted to be private, hidden and removing who I was per se away from my audience. It truly caused me anxiety to think of being a lifestyle blogger who wrote content on life, business and personal life. My personal life is pretty boring from my stand point. Here is a run down of a normal day for me:

  • Wake up – 9am ish
  • Eat breakfast
  • Emails
  • Create content
  • Eat lunch
  • Run errands
  • Follow up with clients
  • Work on projects

Sam Moon top handle bag with faux fur pouf | Imperfect ConceptsThat’s my life throwing in consulting, coffee and finding the latest pair of shoes that make me happy in the moment. Well, I haven’t had coffee since February. I gave it up for lent and haven’t drank it since. Yes, I do not wake up at the crack of down I sleep in so to speak there is 24 hours in a day and I know how to utilize mine wisely that I can wake up at 9 am vs 6 am like some business owners do. Not to knock them, but sleep is essential to our bodies working and my business can run even if I am sleep. Thats why I created passive income to make money in my sleep.

Tasha outside with army jacket and leopard flats. | Imperfect Concepts

Well, you’re probably wonder what does this have to do with the continuous pursuit of happiness. I felt like there was a piece missing from my blog, website and more. That my audience was not getting everything they deserved with honesty and what was going on in my life. My goal with blog and newsletter is to once a month truly let you in on much as possible of what is going on with my life + business. The newsletter only goes out once a month, to be honest this is a content based company you don’t need to see a newsletter more than once a month with a recap and some shares. I am not selling you anything.

Tasha of Imperfect Concepts in jacket. flow blouse, jeans and cute accessories. | Imperfect Concepts

As small business owners we have to be okay with stepping out of our comfort zones. Especially when we feel there is a disconnect with our companies. I want my audience to connect with me on a personal level and let them know I am just like that them. From going on dates, debating should I buy kale or spinach this week, struggling with what products to put out and much more.

I am on the continuous pursuit of happiness when it comes to becoming a better person in life. Understand that means putting myself out there more so people know who Tasha is verse who Imperfect Concepts is. I am not some made up catfish person just sitting behind a computer screen. This is me and I am wanting to let you know that business can be an array of emotions but you must pursue happiness. It doesn’t always stay there will be days you are frustrated, days you’re annoyed, stressed, mad, joyous and more. Heck that might happen all in the same hour depending on whats going on.

Hope you will join me on my journey of the continuous pursuit of happiness in business and personal life.

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