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Align Your Business With Eagles Not Pigeons

The other day, I was running on the treadmill while listening to Joel Osteen and he was talking about alignment in our lives. So many times we are flocking with pigeons and not eagles then wondering why our business is not aligned and going further. 

Think for a moment about your circle and everyone that is in it. My circle is not huge, I can count it on both of my hands. When I am talking circle I am talking I can trust you with my life, my business and my Amex. Yes, my American Express card because if I can’t trust you with that how can I trust when I need something you will do what you need to.

Your Circle

Everyone says as they get older they realize they don’t need a large group of friends, but more of a quailty group that will be there for them. So many times we are so focused on not hurting others that we hurt ourselves. In the last two years, I was so consumed with holding onto relationships that were no longer aligned with my business. Align yourself with your business and personal life. Your circle will completely understand.

How to identifity negative people in your circle;

  • They are more focused on staying where they are verse new heights.
  • They make snide remarks about your dreams, visions and goals.
  • They think ideas of progression are stupid.
  • They dont understand the concept of growth or change.

These are just some things you need to look at when it comes to your circle. If they are not supporting your decision to go further in life you are not going to want those people around when you do reach the top. They will ride your coat tails and drain you.

Birds of a feather do flock together, especially when you are trying to go higher. | Imperfect Concepts #mindset #success #blogging #smallbusiness

Align Your Business

Today, what is the state of your business as in right now and future. Can it within stand harsh changes or will the foundation crumble. One thing I have learned from other successful people is that they attract and only want to be around people who are doing positive things. They all didn’t start out millionaires or billionaires they worked their way up. So many people are still with Oprah that were with her when she started her company.

How to align your company;

  • Unfollow negative people on social media or people who dont align with your vision
  • Create a mission and vision statement
  • Establish a purpose for every year, quarter, month, week and day
  • Keep goals posted on your desk
  • Create a vision board
  • Make a mastermind group of like minded people

There are so many ways to align your business with eagles verse pigeons. It first starts with you making the decision to do so. I can truly say in the last twelve months my business has done a 180 when it comes to growth, doors opening, sales increasing and opportunities chasing me down. I decided to no longer be weighed down by outgrowing people and focus on the purpose of alignment of my business.

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