Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing

Most of you cringe at the thought of your funnel drying up with social media, but this is the truth. Friendester & Myspace were two huge platforms that died. I would even link Daily Candy (newsletter) into the mix as something that just died without giving users notice.

Your business is your life line and most of you use social media to bring in customers. If you notice I rarely sell on social media. I provide information. As long as I’m providing information, others are keen to wanting more from me. I lead them to my website or even put them on my email marketing list. I’m giving you insider secrets about social media…

GET THOSE EMAILS. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!! Truthfully, thats what you need to be focused on when getting information from future customers, even existing customers that have not opted into your email marketing campaign. 

Weekly, Imperfect Concepts + ICB Consults average 100 new sign ups. This is without an opt in or anything similar to that

Why email marketing is important?

People rarely change their email address. I have had the same email address since HIGH SCHOOL. I use that email for almost everything. Getting your customers emails is golden. We, as individuals, are attached to our phones. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. More and more people are going on “social media” fast. People are not fasting from their emails. So, if you are running special promotions, sales and more they need to be shared in your email marketing campaigns first and foremost. 

Emails never disappear nor do people fast from them. Learn how to leverage your email marketing now. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #mailchimp #emails #newsletters

Things To Do:

  1. Create an opt-in for users – Now everyone is not an exception to the rule like me. You need an Opt-in for users to subscribe.
  2. Change bio link to a signup form – Once a week make sure that the link in your bio is linked to your signup form on sites like Mailchimp.
  3. Create content & a schedule for newsletters – I suggest clients send newsletters twice a month in the beginning. If you are running sales or it’s holiday season, you need to send them out once a week.
  4. Know your voice – your newsletter doesn’t have to be like the big brands or even like mine. Know what content you want to share with your audience from behind the scenes, exclusive sales, promos or recaps.

Your business will not survive if social media dies tomorrow, unless, you have a great email marketing list. Create a plan to get this going today. Learn more about email marketing by reading these articles attached to the link.

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