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Email Marketing: Content, Layout, Scheduling and more

It can definitely feel overwhelming when creating content for your business, especially if, you’re writing blogs, posting on social media, making product descriptions, and sending emails, on top of, weekly or bi-weekly email marketing. However, content is king and his queen is consistency. As of recently, I have gained more and more subscribers to my consulting company’s newsletter. Here is some insight on what I did.

Content Theme

If you are a service business you don’t always have to sell. I noticed my sales spiked the most when I was giving or providing information versus hard selling my audience. In the last two months, I solely focused on designing the content for the newsletters. In the previous newsletters, I focused on pushing products. Having a theme for the newsletters makes them flow better. My audience is clued in to what they are about to read.

Layout of Newsletter

The first change I made in the layout was how readers were greeted and by adding a conversational piece. I made the conversational section feel more like one on one, instead of, it seeming like I was talking to my thousands of subscribers I have. Then I proceeded into the tip or insight that I wanted to share with them. The last couple of newsletters I sent out were focused on sales tips. All tips and insight given could be used to create an immediate action. Also note, that I broke up the text with lines and photos. This is very important. Next, I shared books & blogs I was reading at the time, that I believed my readers could benefit from. Finally, right before the footer, I included links to my latest project. Another great idea I had was, making my hyperlinks a bold color that stood out. When promoting my Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep Ebook, I made sure that the hyperlinks were dark green to create an association to money.

Sharing several insider tricks to increase engagement and sales with your newsletter subscribers.


One of my favorite things to do is A/B testing of newsletters. This gives me a better idea of what times and subject lines work best for my audience. I know that you have probably read articles and infographics that say a specific time that is the best time to do everything. Throw that out the window. Find out what works specifically for your audience. I read that Tuesday at noon and Thursday at 5pm were great times to send email marketing campaigns. Nope, this didn’t work with my audience. However, either Monday or Tuesday evenings at 7pm CST have worked wonders. More clicks, engagement, open rate, and follow ups.

Ask Your Audience Questions

In the last couple of newsletters, I have asked my audience about Facebook groups, accountability, beta testing, and more. I don’t just want to send out some sales tips, I want to know what they want. This helps me create products and services that satisfy their needs. It creates another stream of income for my business, but most importantly it solves my audience’s problems. The information I have gathered in the last three months, is helping me launch two more businesses this summer and fall.

Sticking to the overall theme and being consistent has helped my audience connect even more. I love reading the emails that follow once a campaign has been begun. When it comes to business, it doesn’t always have to be about the sale, per se. You can also focus on educating and connecting with your audience. One great tool or resource I just discovered is Really Good Emails. They give you a plethora of examples that can help inspire you.

What email marketing struggles are you having with your audience? What is the one thing you have noticed that has helped your audience grow, engage, or connect with you deeper because of your email campaigns?

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