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How To Automate Your Social Media Utilizing Buffer

How many of you feel there is too much on your plate and not enough time to do it all. In most cases, that is all new business or business owners who have not learned to automate or delegate task in their business. Hiring a social media specialist is not an your budget and I understand. Or you might still be looking for the person you completely trust with your social media. Today, I am teach you how to automate your social media channels using Buffer.

There are a plethora of social media automation tools out there and I have discussed them before. However, I love using Buffer and want you give you a tool that runs you less than $120 a year to help you. Think about what you spend a month that adds to $120.

First, you are going to want to sign up for Buffer for Business account. Which you receive a trial for 30 days.

Learn how you can easily automate up to 10 social media profiles for less than $120 a year by utilizing Buffer. #socialmedia #buffer #automation #smallbusiness

There are three options. If you are just starting out I personally suggest doing the, “Awesome Plan” it is most affordable for a small business owner who has a high budget. If you can afford to spend $600 a year for the “Business” starting out price do that. Its an investment thats what you need to always remember.

Once you have signed up for Buffer you will have to link your profiles. As you cans see from below all my social media channels for Imperfect Concepts and ICB Consults are linked.

Learn how you can easily automate up to 10 social media profiles for less than $120 a year by utilizing Buffer. #socialmedia #buffer #automation #smallbusiness

Now that you have that done its time for the easy part. If you have purchased my Social Media For Small Business digital product this will truly help enhance your business experience in growing your audience. I want you to pick one day a week that you will dedicate 2 hours to planning your content for social media, See, thats what most small business don’t get. The simple act of sitting down planning something can truly change the output of success.You have a game plan verse doing whatever and feeling stresses.

My formal for sharing content on Twitter specific goes something like this

  • Morning Tweet – 8am
  • Product Tweet – 10 am
  • Blog Tweet – 12pm
  • Newsletter Tweet – 2pm
  • Share Tweet – 4pm
  • Product Tweet – 6pm
  • Share Tweet – 8pm

Learn how you can easily automate up to 10 social media profiles for less than $120 a year by utilizing Buffer. #socialmedia #smallbusiness #buffer #automation

This a fairly simple schedule of what the content will look like on my timeline. When I am sharing content it can be articles I read from New York Times, other bloggers, products of another business and so on. Your timeline should not be one long campaign about you. Sharing is caring.

Starting December, ICB Consults will have some new content rolling out and I am able to push that content on Facebook by posting once a day and boosting post so those who want to learn more can. Facebook aligorthrim is constantly changing. Its about finding out what you want your profile to be. My business use this as an extension of the website for community purpose.

Import note when you are scheduling your content please make sure you are scheduling your time. I believe when you sign up its on London time zone, thats great if you live there. If not, that really doesn’t work for your business.

Creating a schedule for your social media automation on Buffer is extremely important. Knowing what you want to share when you want to share. Automation really does help when you don’t know what to post or you are being lazy. You already have content outline an its in the queue. Highly suggest you try it out today to make your business life easier.

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