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Kickstarting Your Mompreneur Business Online

In part three of this series, we are discussing the aspects of starting your own business as a mom. Make sure to read Becoming A Mompreneur and Mompreneur Dream Business ideas so you can be well-informed.

How to sell your product can be extremely confusing. When I first launched my online resale boutique there was not one book that could help me. Since then, I’ve created Kick start Your e-commerce Shop, an e-book, to help women launch their online businesses.

Difference of Platforms

There is a multitude of platforms you can go with when it comes to selling your business. If you have decided this is more a hobby than a full-time business, I recommend you go a different route when picking how you sell your work. Don’t just go with a shopping cart or platform because it’s the cheapest; that’s how they usually get people. You want a platform you can understand and grow with, if possible. In addition, we are sticking to the design print business theme for this article.

Hobbyist Selling Platform

For the hobbyist, I would actually suggest going two different routes for selling your designs. The first way would be using a third-party platform with built-in customers and communities. Examples of this would be Etsy or eBay. They both have millions of users world-wide that can be really great for your business. Downside – you pay a fee to post your prints and pay per transaction fee, they are small but do add up. The second option would be to have a shopping cart such as Squarespace. It is very low-cost and easy to set up. They have a digital download option standard in their cart.

Giving you the low down on all the information you need to kickstart your mompreneur business online.

Full-Time Business Owner Platform

As mentioned above, I would also suggest all of the three things said, however, on a scale for growth. Having third-party communities bring the international crowd in would definitely be great for your business. Note: You’re not using them for your main source of income, just as a way to draw new people in. For websites, Squarespace is an AMAZING option as well as a custom WordPress and e-commerce shop. With WordPress however, you need to remember to invest in hosting costs and a theme design. You can actually get a small business theme off Etsy starting as low as $299, going all the way up to $2000, I believe.

Fees, Tax, and More

By running a business, you will incur monthly fees with both options. In addition, payment gateway fees are normally 2.9% + .30 cents from every transaction. There is no way to get around this when you run a business online. Only customers who pay taxes are the ones based in your state. Your shopping carts fees are a tax deduction that you can take out, if you set your business up as a legal entity.

Don’t be frightened by all the numbers mentioned in this article or the previous article, it’s all an investment. My current content based website was a HUGE investment. I would actually suggest putting 3 months worth of savings away before you launch your business. This way the cost don’t scare you off. Also, during that time you can create buzz for your business by sharing what you have planned.

Kickstarting your dreams as a mompreneur is not hard. These tips can really help you start your dreams with ease. What are your thoughts?

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