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Investing In Visual Imagery For Your Business

As my business grows more and more, I realize the importance of having visual imagery that resonates with my audience. It’s not something I over looked before, but as my business begins to grow in new areas it truly reigns supreme in drawing in a new audience.

I have talked about fonts and stock imagery before but I want to share some great options for you that you might have over looked. 

Teaching you how to invest in beautiful fonts and stock photography to enhance your small business

Beautiful Fonts

Having an amazing font will attract your current and potential consumers eye. If you are familiar with Steve Jobs you know how much he was obsessed with typography. Which Apple really makes evident throughout the design of its elements with its computers. This year I want to actually take some typography classes and hand lettering classes, like a Made Vibrant class.

Always note with fonts you need to make sure how you can legally use them as Amy stated in Fonts, Graphics and Pictures Oh My!

Beautiful Roicamonta Curly italic Font for design

Roicamonta Curly italic Font on Etsy

Octavia Script beautiful font for wedding day

Octavia Script on Creative Market

Grit and Grunge Font

Grits and Grunge on Tom Chalky

boloant font arrtwork

Bolonat Wash Artwork on Creative Market

Heartwell font, perfect for beautiful occasions

Heartwell on Creative Market

Stock Photography

This is the area I have really learned about the most, not just from my blog stand point but in business too. Before on social media and on ICB Consults websites I just had a digital cover. Nothing special or wow factor. This does not entice users to buy off site. Yes, I have seen the ones where people make their digital products look 3D and real to help sell products too. However, sometimes a pretty styled background does great too.

Gold Sequin Notebook Styled Stock Photography

Gold Sequin Hanger and Notebook on Etsy

White Black Gold Desk Styled Stock Photography

Black, White & Gold Styled Desk on Etsy

Styled Stationery Styled Stock Photography

Styled Stationery on Etsy

Styled iphone Styled Stock Photography

iPhone Desktop on Creative Market

Desktop Scene Styled Stock Photography

Desktop Scene on Creative Market

Style Desk With Camera Styled Stock Photography

Photography Camera on Creative Market

Styled Mug Styled Stock Photography

Mug Display on Creative Market

Styled stock photos are great if you’re a small business owner on a budget and cannot afford to do a photo shoot for your business. I suggest that you find high-resolution photography work. Not all stock imagery is created equally. Also, beware more and more people are using them so search around first so your brand isn’t looking like everyone else’s. There are a plethora of women who offer personalized styles.

I personally believe that the $200 I spent in October on Font and Styled Photography was well worth it for my business. I was able to redesign my brand image without having to do a “rebrand” of sorts.

Have you invested in your companies visual imagery? What are your thoughts about spending money on well-crafted fonts and stock images?

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