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Tools To Establish A Schedule For Success

Time management is the down fall of so many people especially small business owners and freelancers. It’s important to have a schedule or system in place that helps revolutionize how you manage your time. We mentioned before in, 5 Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Business, Google Calendar is one of the tools I personally use for editorial calendars, meetings, coffee dates and consultation information. Then I have a Super Paper LA desk calendar. 

For the people who are old school and need to put pen to paper here are three different tools that you can use to help your small business.

Hearts and Arrows Designs

Hearts and Arrow Design Today Is List

Whitney Blake started Hearts & Arrows Designs at the tender age of 22 and she is rocking out for us to do list gals across the country. She has received heavy blogger love across the web from sites such as The College Prepster and more. Her highly curated Instagram page is what made me fall in love with her product. Once I discovered her, I had to share her check off list with all my clients. Today Is or Blogger Planner are two other great tools that you can use to schedule your day.

Lauren Productivity Kit

Productivity Kit by LD Creative Shop

We shared about Lauren’s company, LD Creative Shop, in our WIYB series a couple of weeks back. There was a great response via social media about her Productivity Kit. It is a super great tool if you need to break things all the way down in several areas of your life. Honestly, all her kits are great. We had such a hard time picking kits when we were shopping her store! She has great deals such as 2 for $14 or 3 for $20! Please note these are digital kits that you must download and save.

Day Designer by Whitney English

Day Designer by Whitney English

If you log onto Instagram there is most likely someone on your timeline who is sharing a Day Planner and there is a high chance it is by, Whitney English, the women behind the Day Designer that sales out in minutes. She started with a small number of planners on Etsy and now it has transformed into a serious get your life in order movement! A majority of my friends who use to be super unorganized have done a complete 180! If you want to test out the brilliance of her product you can sign up for her newsletter to receive a free day sheet!

If pen to paper is the type of person you are these three tools are definitely something you want to check out.

Bonus tip: Lauren of Elle & Co, we introduced you to her in one of our WIYB‘s, has great resources for small business owners. Library subscription to thank you cards, note cards, calendars and more.

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