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Small Business Resources For Women: Atlanta

The number of online resources for small businesses are in the millions, but qualifying them to make sure they are the right tools for your business can feel like a tremendous amount of work. So I decided to create a new series for women entrepreneurs, small business and startups, targeting various cities across the country. By polling the women who follow ICB Consults on Instagram, we came up with several cities that our core audience lives in. We will break down resources in Atlanta, Detroit, DC, Dallas, Memphis and a couple more cities.

Note some of the resources will be the same in some cities. When I first launched my business I however overlooked the importance of some of these resources especially becoming members of women focused groups. Today we will start with Atlanta. 

CRAVE Atlanta

The Crave Company is a membership group of over 130K+ women that come together to enhance the entrepreneurial community through workshops, classes, meet ups, and much more. Each chapters activities and events vary, but the most important thing is that you are surrounded by like-minded women striving for greatness in their businesses. They also have online tools to help propel you. Learn more about Crave Atlanta through this link.

Georgia Department of Economic Development

G.D.E.D is an online platform that supplies a multitude of information for the small business owner. The website serves as a portal for new business owners starting out by providing information on Incubators, Mentoring, B2B Service, Tools, Forms, and Financial Assistants. Check out www.georgia.org for more information.

Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine

At the helm is Katrice Mines. This magazine is a very valuable resource for the minority business owner in Atlanta. In addition to the information that is written in the magazine, they also host twitter chats online, along with in town workshops and conferences specifically for local businesses. They highlight minority business owners in their “Best of Atlanta” issue ever year. To utilize the Atlanta Tribune as a resource; follow them on Twitter, Subscribe to the magazine, or check out their website.

SCORE Atlanta

SCORE is a nationwide company that thrives on pairing veteran business owners with new owners. They host a multitude of workshops, classes, and seminars throughout the week. Their mentorship program is very excellent, especially if you want to grow with your local community and be led by someone familiar with it. Go to www.atlanta.score.com for more information.

Georgia Small Business Development Center

Is similar to the G.D.E.D mentioned above but they have actual physical locations all over the Georgia area. They offer workshops in office or online. They also offer consulting in various topics such as financing, international trade, commercialization, women owned businesses and much more. Check out www.georgiasbdc.org for more information.

There are tons more resources for the Atlanta area. I highly suggest getting involved in the communities that these companies uplift. Networking is going to be your best tool. Look out for groups such as Toast Masters, Junior League, and others; they thrive on enhancing your life. Their focus might not be small business but they are great resources to connect with like minds.

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