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6 Pretty Darn Amazing Instagram’s

Every publication and site list mounds of people to follow on social media daily. Every time, I am very intrigued to who sees who makes the cut of the who to follow. 9 times out of 10, I am highly disappointed. Hey June Ambrose, I love you in all, but it’s a given to follow you if you wanted to peek into the life of a fashion stylist. Oh yeah, Warren Buffett is my best friend in my head, however he doesn’t tweet enough to be on the top of the list of people to follow on social media.

So I decided to take it into my own hands and of course my social media hands to pick some AMAZING everyday people who inspire, uplift, motivate and are generally cool without trying who don’t have a massive following. These are who you should be following. Who you should follow on Instagram:

Myvicariouslyfe instagram page

@myvicariouslyfe is a perfectly curated mini magazine that has quotes, insight, food, travel, fashion and interior design. She has a a keen eye that will either make you want to buy those shoes asap or just redo your humble abode with new pillows and candles.

Bessieakuba instagram page

@bessieakuba is beyond swoon worthy. Even looking at the tiny group photos you can see how breathe taking her feed is. She has an eye and getting to see her world from aboard it makes life grand.

joannasimkin instagram page

@joannasimkin is beauty insiders secret. Her page is a mixture of personal, beauty, travel, love and so much more. Anytime Jo post about makeup she has done I immediately tweet asking her how I can achieve that look. Check out What’s In Her Bag too!

Amazing people on Instagram to follow @LuxTravelGirl

@luxtravelgirl has me wanting to escape to a beach in my finest resort collection attire. If you want to escape from the concrete jungle of life, she is your girl.

Amazing people on Instagram to follow @Tiffanyish

@Tiffanyish is my entrepreneur buddy. Featuring her and her sister Jennifer in our What’s In Your Bag series. Tiffany is a new mommy that makes it look super easy + blissful. She will make you want new jewelry, take trips abroad and want shoes too.

Amazing people to follow on Instagram @BrandyPham

@BrandyPham is a NY based jewelry designer, mommy and wife. She has the perfect mix of personal and business on her page. With the prettiest flowers and the most dainty jewelry you will ever see. I love her pieces.

imperfectconcepts instagram pageDo you follow Imperfect Concepts? We love to engage with you and much more! We are pretty darn awesome to follow entrepreneurial insights, quotes, thought provoking questions and of course, the men of Scandal.

Our list is full of amazing every day individuals to follow that will make you want to shop, travel, eat, redesign your home, read more books and much more. Who are your favorite people on Instagram to follow?

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