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How To Stay Motivated As A Creative

As a creative business owner we may tend to get down in the dumps and feel as if our lives are spiraling out of control. Trust, you are not alone in these feelings. So what does one do to stay motivated and get their inspiration back? We asked several of your favorite creative business owners what they do:

I usually look through old work to remind me of the flow and to remind me that it’s fun. I do things I love so remembering that I love then and why I love them is a must to get me back on track. -Joanna Celebrity Make Up Artist

Whenever I feel like I’m lacking motivation, I immediately know that I’m in a rut. To overcome that, I try to take some time to do something that I love; something that isn’t work-related. Maybe I’ll read a book, hang out with friends or binge watch a favorite TV show.

Another aspect of getting inspiration and motivation back has to do with spirituality. I’ll read relevant bible verses and my Joel Osteen devotional (Your Best Life Begins Each Morning), or I’ll watch sermons online, all of which remind me of my purpose and give me that spark that I need to get up and get back on track!  – Sakita of House of Success

When I’m lacking motivation or feeling down, I pray first. And it’s usually a prayer of thanks, not a prayer of needing motivation. I thank God for allowing me to do what I do. Then I go to my “5” book by Dan Zadra and I turn to the “page of thanks.” There is almost always a new name that I add to the page and it can be anyone that has helped me with my business or in my personal life. Then I reflect on past accomplishments and focus on a goal that is near completion. Lastly, I put on some music. Music will always be my cure-all. Lately, it’s been Pharrell’s “Happy” that perks me up. You can’t help but dance to that song!  – Tasha of Belle Butters

“I like to flip thru my design books and mags. Sometimes I’ll take one w/ me to a coffee shop & give myself an hour to jot ideas down in a sketchbook.” -Erika of Small Shop Studio

If you’re passionate about something, you’ll work like your life depends on it, and It’s not always “fun”  but it’s worth it on a deeper level. -Wendy of Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Personally, I emerge myself into nature to get my inspiration back. Something about laying in the grass watching planes take off brings the spark of creativity I need to get things done in my business life. In addition, keeping a highlight reel of my past success. Taking a moment to look back on how far you have come does something to spark the neurons. Remember, it wasn’t always like this. At one point you were a lost puppy in the business world. You are no longer that old you – you have grown. Small steps matter.

What do you do when you lack inspiration and need motivation? Is there a little pick me up trick you personally use?

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