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How We Have Transitioned From The Glorification Of Busy To Establishing Self-Care Routines

For the longest, that I can remember the glorification of busy has been a thing that people love discussing. To be completely honest, I was never a fan of the glorification of busy or fake busy, because I understood that it could hinder you more than it can help you. Over the years, we have all read stories of people saying “they will sleep when they are dead” or “resting is for the rich, powerful and wealthy.” All those things and more have been lies created in entrepreneurial communities and hyped up by some influential people who have robust teams that help them. Today, I want to talk to you about the transition from the glorification of busy to self-care matters when it comes to your small business, personal life and more.

Why Are You Busy or Fake Busy

Yes, I know you can buy a tumbler that says some like “Too Busy”, but in all actuality, we are not too busy to tweet that photo or create a flat lay around it. We love making others feel as if our lives are so crazy and hectic when they are not. I am sincere; I work around 4-6 hours a day, this is something I prefer because self-care of Tasha matters more than sitting behind a computer screen for 8 to 12 hours. You see if you’re focused on your task at hand, utilizing automation tools, batch days or day designation things can be done in the allotted time. For example, in 3 hours I wrote four blog post, edited them and designed graphics. When you’re fake busy doing things you don’t need to be doing that is when the issues arise in our lives such as; depression, being overwhelmed, overloading our plate and a plethora of others not listed. So, back to the question at hand, why are you busy or fake busy all the time? Only time, my life is super hectic is when I fail to plan out my day, or I am not firm in my no’s to others. There are a plethora of days that I start working at 9 am finished by noon or so. There was a time when I felt if I completed all my task for the day I should take on tomorrows workload now. Guess what, every time I did that it caused issues that left me frustrated wanting to pull out my hair. Take a moment to fully grasp why you’re always busy and how you can change that to make sure you are reaching your maximum potential each day versus being burnt out.

Your Health Matters

We are so focused on getting likes, retweets, shares or becoming a household name that we are willing to put our health at jeopardy for these things that won’t mean a thing five years from now. Have I noticed that my social media accounts are stuck at certain follower levels? Yes, I most certainly have, but I also very aware of my lack of engagement and automation on my end to help them grow. One thing that most people don’t want to mention as to why their business is not increasing in the way they want but focused on being too busy to answer emails that hold opportunities for them. When the glorification of busy happens staying healthy slides down to the ground of “I don’t care about eating, I need to get this blog post out”. Take a moment to think about these health areas of your life

Sleep: One of the best things I did for myself was establishing an environment in my home that is conducive to me getting the right amount of sleep. No lights after 9 pm, diffuser with lavender, sleep mist for pillows and sleep cycle app.

  • How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
  • Are you experiencing REM sleep?
  • Do you feel grumpy when waking up?
  • Are you constantly wishing for a nap or more time in bed?

Exercise: My goal is to exercise three days a week to help keep my body healthy and stay at my ideal weight. 30 minute walks or jogs are really my jam to help me clear out my thoughts.

  • How often do you exercise?
  • Have you put on extra pounds?
  • Where can you find time for 15-30 minute exercise three days a week?

Being fake busy is killing our society, but its time for the conversation to change regarding self-care. | Imperfect Concepts

Health: You function better when you eat a balanced diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating a plant based, vegan or a meat eater getting your nutrition in daily helps fuel your body. Meal prepping helps me stay so focused on my health and business. I spend maybe two hours on Sunday getting everything ready, and through the week I just need to warm it up.

  • Do you stress eat?
  • How many oz of water do you drink daily?
  • What were the calories for the food intake you just had?

Establishing A Self-Care Routine

When people think of self-care, they start thinking of it’s going to cost me a lot of money, which is not necessarily true at all. My only huge splurge for my self-care routine happens to be going to the spa once a quarter. Thank goodness, I live in a small town because I can do a day at the spa for less than $300 that includes facial, massage, manicure, pedicure and lunch. It is a great way for me to start the new quarter in the right frame of mind. Your routine can be detoxing from social media for the weekend or going to yoga once a week. Everyone’s self-care routine looks different because of our needs are different. One of my favorite ways to relax on the weekends is hanging out with my boyfriend binge watching Netflix or going to a coffee shop to read. Caring for yourself is essential in the world we live in. One of my good friends takes herself out to brunch every weekend at the Ritz Carlton. She gets herself all dolled up, lounges in the restaurant and spends less than $25 ordering food and drink for her self-indulgence.

There is a constant state of chaos happening, and we all must stop the glorification of busy, and start focusing on how we can improve the quality of our lives through self-care routine.

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