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Here Is To New Beginnings

Today symbolizes a fresh start for many, a day of resolution or, to some, it’s just another day on their calendar. We believe it starts a new chapter in our lives. Every year is a new chapter, and sometimes, the chapter is part of a series and other times it stands alone. For me, Tasha the Owner, I see this as a new series that is going to start for myself and the people around me.

Until recently, I was like most 28 year old–following a path and thinking this is where I need to stay with no venturing off. Then, earlier last year, it hit me that the path I was on was about to take me on a whole new adventure. First, I must be brave and let go. I did that on December 7th, 2013. I let go of something that had been a part of me for roughly 5 years.

Today, I urge you not to make resolutions but to make commitments for your life. It’s time to create the life of your dreams. For the longest time, I said I wanted a staff of ten in an amazing downtown loft. However, I could never see those people when it came to Shop ICB. The vision or dream was blurry. When I decided to embark on making a website for the creative entrepreneur woman, I see that vision clearly.

I see how the desk would look during our Monday morning meetings. I can even picture the details of the conversations. Over the last 8 months, I have been speaking that into my life. I have been working really hard at building something others need.

When I launched my business, I wish there was a site like the one we are building. A place that breaks down things like, shipping cost. What it exactly means to have cash flow. Why I should bootstrap and scale my business organically. Sites like Forbes and INC are great, but they aren’t what women like me need. I’m very excited for new beginnings for us and you.

We are going to spend the first month of the year helping you with the basics. Many times, people skip over those fundamentals. They focus on going big and winning championships. How can someone win a championship without knowing the fundamentals of the game?

Here is to new beginnings.

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