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Consistency Kills Mediocrity

I hear it all the time. People want to be the next Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bills Gates or Diddy, but what separates them is consistency. Consistency kills mediocrity. It separates the have’s from the have not’s simply because you have to have the drive, passion, ambition needed to get to the next level. Many people don’t have these qualities. These people are not willing to go the extra mile and push harder when it hurts.

By my terms, I am successful. I have gone four and a half years doing what I love, even when the odds were stacked against me. I keep pushing, and this is why I am where I am. They used to say most people did not make it past the five-year mark in business. Now most people don’t make it past the execution of the actual idea.

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Tasha Downtown Georgetown

Thanks of The Month: Thanks go to Brittanie our photographer. It has been super fun shooting with her thus far. It’s a new venture that we are doing together, and being able to experience these new things with her is amazing. At 22, I wish someone pushed me like I am pushing her. I wish someone said, “be as creative as you want.” I really hope she grows into the photographer of her dreams. Until then, it’s all about us going from one small town to the next discovering great stores, coffee shops and town squares. Her lens is showing me a new beauty that is out there.

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Highlight of The Month: The definite highlight was shooting in downtown Killeen. There is truly beauty where you are, and so many times we are caught up in other things that we miss what is right in front of us. I have spent a good chunk of my life living in Killeen off and on. I have lived in Houston, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Atlanta and more, but this “small town” feeling is something you cannot get in those places. I am really excited for the road trips I have planned for Brittanie and I over the next couple of months!

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Pits of The Month: People who do not understand creative or innovate people. After writing two posts on copycats {here and here}, it seems that more people tend to side with the copycat. I heard over and over “there are no new ideas. Why can’t I borrow from this person? Everyone steals from people.” No! Everyone does not steal from everyone. There is a difference in being inspired by others and just outright stealing. I am a creative by nature. Yes, others inspire me, but I would not just blatantly steal from someone. I would acknowledge they gave me the idea, and give them credit for it. There is still such a thing called plagiarism. When I launched my business, my concept wasn’t a new one. However, I wrote things off the top of my head including FAQs, my about me, etc. I took my own pictures in an interesting way. I treated my customers uniquely. To see people mimic me made me extremely annoyed. Yes, I agree with the story that I posted about the woman who had her business stolen from her.

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Entrepreneur Rollercoaster Ride: Back to talking about consistency. It seems the more people I work with, the more I notice how they are not consistent in their lives, but want the results of a gold medalist. You can’t be a gold medalist Olympian without a strong work ethic. I can give you a gold star for that but not a medal. People tend to want free advice to help them build empires. They want you to do the legwork. I just do not understand how you can want to be the next Diddy but not work as hard. Get consistent. Start small. Give yourself the challenge of doing something in a set of three, and then go to a week, then a month. It only takes 21 days to form a habit.

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Consistency kills mediocrity.

Photography by Brittanie Reid


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