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28 Years Later

Today I turn 28 years old. Yes, there are some days that I look like a high school student, but I am actually a full-fledged adult.  I have lived an amazing life. My parents made sure I had the best of the best as a child and as a teenager. Sometimes I didn’t understand why my parents did some of the things they did–dad made me start playing golf at such young age–but now I am grateful. In hindsight, I am thankful for everything they did for me.

There are two things I want to share with you that helped me get through half of my 26th year and all of my 27th. I will carry these two lessons with me for the rest of my life.28 Years Later TashaICB

Pardon My French Tee | Overalls | Enzo Angiolini Wedges | Camo Bag | Jewelry: Tiffany’s, T+ J Designs, Michael Kors

1. Change your thoughts, change your life. I know its hard to stay positive when it seems the storms are coming left and right, but you have to train yourself to think positively. Just like you flipped the switch to negative, you can flip back to positive. You can not be a happy person in a negative frame of mind, but if you remember that the storm will not last, the rainbow will come out. Think of small things that make you smile, then big things. Return to happy thoughts. Focus on the things in your life that are right. Focus on where you want to take your life. Most importantly, detox the outside negative influences; like unsupportive friends.

2. Always Stay in a State of Gratitude. Be thankful for everything, and see the silver lining no matter how bad it seems. Trust even in your darkest hour that there is a silver lining. To get extra-personal, earlier this year I met someone, and my life completely changed. During this time, I carried a constant glow with me wherever I went, but then, it disappeared. I was sad, no I was devastated, to be exact, but then I realized that person was in my life for a reason. They opened up a world, that I had closed off for a long time, and for that, I am grateful. Remember to live in a state of gratitude no matter the situation. There is something positive in every experience.

You might not see how profound those two lessons are right now in your life, but you will learn them–everyone does. I always say, “you can’t constantly have a pity party.”  Put on those big girl panties, wipe off the dust and go back to it.

I am utterly thankful and blessed to be celebrating another year. I know that growth for me and my company will occur in these next 13-18 months at an alarming rate, and everyday I prepare for it. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life. Thank you to the people I have yet to meet.


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