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A Polished Presentation

99% of business is complicated; registering your name, searching trademarks, logo design, web development are all part of the process of creating a brand. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you most have a polished presentation for every aspect of your company, especially for an e-commerce (where your storefront is only online). Keep in mind that the image you exude is your brand.

I work from home, but I still get dressed for work everyday because of the people I might run into while I’m out running errands. Everyone’s style is different, and you don’t have to be Victoria Beckham and dress in six inch heels every day. For guys, you don’t have to put on a three piece suit. You do, however, want to be polished. Every occasion calls for a different look, and you have to learn which looks go for what occasion. A blazer goes a long way with updating your look. Above is one of my go-to looks.

Business Cards:

Image of various business cards from Minted.com

Image of various business cards from Minted.com

Repeat after me, “I will not get Vista Print business cards.” If you believe in your business, why would you get cheap business cards? When someone looks at your card, you want them to contact you, so why not customize your business cards? Hiring a graphic designer to tailor business cards for you is perfect solution. You can also go on sites like Minted or Moo to personalize your cards. I used Fiverr to get my card designed and then got them printed with PSP for Deluxe.

Web presence:


It’s 2013, so there is no excuse if your business isn’t on the Internet. You need a good, functional website. Repeat after me, ” I will not use a wix page as my website.” Once again, a website is something that should be custom built to suit your needs. Just like you invested in your product or service, you must invest on how people hear and read about it. Research website developers. Know exactly what you want. For my business, I needed a website developer who was familiar with e-commerce shopping carts. All website designers are not created equal: research. I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for, so head my advice. I recently hired Kim of Her Name is Kim to develop this blog, and I am finally happy with the finished product.

Social Maven:

Social Media Icons Post
Is your business on social media? It should be. Like web developers, not all social media is created equally. I personally suggest finding three networks that work really well for you. Furthermore, make sure your page is PUBLIC. Having a private social media page is reverting backwards because you are not reaching outside audiences. Your potential new customers are on these networks, and you should be trying to connect with them. Imperfect Concepts has received numerous leads and sales because someone found us on social media.

When I attended Entrepreneur Magazine Growth Conference in Dallas last week, I was shocked at how many people were not dressed right. There were guys and girls in cut up jeans, girls wearing mini skirts, people wearing flip flops and leggings, and ill fitting suits or too tight dresses. That kind of unprofessional presentation will get you no where. I watched people pitch their companies and talk to editors in, “I just rolled out of bed clothes.” What they failed to understand was that presentation is everything, and this includes social media, web design, business cards, and most importantly YOU. You can invent the cure for cancer, but everyone will be looking at your bed-hair and flip flops (it’s human nature). Dress appropriate for every occasion.

Presentation is everything in the business world, but especially in the small business world. It has be reported that it takes a potential customer 7 touches (interactions) with you before they purchase your items or services. You want those interactions to be great. Remember someone is always watching, so why not give them the most amazing presentation of you.


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