How To Make 2018 A Fresh Start For Your Life

Is it possible to hit a reset button and start all over? There is no real reset button, but you can choose to make a fresh start for your life at any time. There is no better time than the first of the new calendar year. This year is going to be different for you and I because of the daily choices we make to strive for greatness in various areas. One area that I am striving to reset is my relationship with God. He is the sources that allow me to achieve all those goals I am sharing below. Even in my storm He mercies and grace have been consistent daily, but I have failed numerous times. This morning, I asked for a fresh start with him. To start our relationship over so I can truly be obedient in life. Today, I want to publicly share my goals for this year with you. 

Too Many Goals All At Once

We tend to fail to achieve our new years’ resolutions because we have too many to tackle all the same time. For example, losing weight, eating right, going to the gym, starting a new business, change our mindset, reading a new book once a week, managing finances weekly. Those are all great goals don’t get me wrong, but the problem lies in we have too many goal setting plans all at once. A couple year ago, I resolved to cut back on crazy amount of goals and stick to seven or less for the year. It relived pressure from trying to be all and achieve all. This year, I am doing the same thing for my business and personal life. Here are my goals for personal

  • Get Married
  • Buy A House
  • Live A Healthy Life
  • Save More, Spend Less

Four simple goals for my personal life that also affect my business goals. At the end of 2017, I got engaged and we are currently planning a wedding for the end of 2018. In addition to that, we have been attending classes on purchasing our first home. Every month has a task that needs to be completed for the goals to be achieved. At the end of the year, I bought me a water bottle and Fitbit for Christmas. This is my small step for living health this month. Next month, its continue my water intake, getting my steps in and adding two day a week workouts. Save more, spend less goal came to mind because things got crazy towards the end of the year with the lack of clients I was relying on my credit cards which is a huge no, no. Only paying the minimum payment but I felt my other “needs” were met because of this. To make sure I hit my goals, I created a board in Trello* and have powerup calendar attach to remind me. Here are my business goals for this year:

  • Speak at (5) Online or In Person Business Summits
  • Host Monthly Workshops
  • $2000 In Buy Tasha Coffee Sales
  • Book 120+ Roadmap Accountability Sessions

I want to grow my online reach but in a meaningful way. It’s not about amassing millions of followers, but to influence others to live their best lives. Engage my current and future audience where they are. In order to do this, I had to find a way out my comfort zone. At the end of the year, there was a call for summit speakers in a Facebook group I am in, and I knew doing that was the perfect way to achieve my goal. Next week, I am a breakout session speaker at Creative Launch Summit.

For the last five years, I have wanted to host workshops to help small business owners achieve their dreams. In 2016, I went to the chamber of commerce all over Texas trying to partner with them on this exact thing. Meeting after meeting, countless driving to talk at 8 am, but at last, they never panned out. I believed hosting workshops were not going to be my things. However, I am going to shoot my shot again in 2018 by focusing on hosting them in my hometown. A town where I see small business owners need help. My goal is to host 2-3 workshops over an eight month span.

My Buy Tasha Coffee goal for this year is $2000, something I have not achieved before. It is one of the easiest services to provide to my audience members. One I actually love doing because it’s answering your emails with detailed answers, and its super affordable for those who can not afford expensive consulting service.

  • 32 people – $5 thank you option
  • 6 people – $10 question
  • 8 people – $20 question
  • 3 people – $50 question

Come this March, I will have been doing consulting for five years which is huge for me. During this course of time, there has been a wide variety of services, I offered and love doing. However, towards the end of 2017, I started really thinking about why women do not succeed in the entrepreneurship compared to our male peers. Yes, finance option is a huge part but another part is accountability. We are doing a million things at once with no one checking in on us. There is no roadmap to guide on what we need to be doing. Instead, we are flung into following our dreams, but not knowing what that really means. Thus roadmap accountability sessions were created, and my goal this year is to help 10 individuals a month achieve their dreams.

Finally, content that I share is going to be a consistent goal that I am constantly striving for each month. Towards the end of 2017, I recorded several videos for Imperfect Concepts Facebook and Youtube pages. Blog content has been outlined and tweet schedule is planned out too.

No matter, if there was an oops moment yesterday on the first of January you can have a fresh start in 2018. This can be your year. Focus on what you want to achieve this year, find the accountability and stay going daily.

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