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Talking About Jesus When You Run A Public Business

You already know what we are talking about, just by peeping todays title. Just in case you skipped over the title and just started reading. Today, I am about Jesus and what its like to have a public company. This was a requested blog post actually from my dear friend D’Cher of Love Peridot. To be honest, this is a question I personally receive in text, email or on social media all the time. 

If you follow my company on social media you know there are a couple things I talk about at any given time. That includes by not limited to discussing Jesus, shoes, Louis Vuitton, Fixer Upper, Target and buying a home. However, one thing that is mention constantly without me thinking about it is Jesus. I grew up in a baptist home and we went to church every Sunday and Wednesday faithful. As an adult, I could’ve lost my relationship with Jesus at any time and use the excuse that I was young and wanted to experience life. Instead, I cling to my relationship even when I moved constantly. There was a peace knowing I had a church home and friends to go when I needed them.

Jesus + Social Media

There are several social media experts and guru’s who say that you need to leave your religion especially Jesus out of your business. You are alienate your audience and much more. Anytime, I hear one of those “experts or guru’s” say that, I immediately think of this scripture:

“But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in Heaven.” (Matt. 10:33)

As a christian, I know Jesus laid down his life so I could live. There is no separation for me when it comes business and Jesus. God is my accountant, lawyer, banker, website designer and much more. Here is the thing, the only reason there is a business that inspires women and men across the globe is because of God. Its that simple. He knew the plans he had for me before I was even formed in my mothers womb. I honestly, think about how He single handedly put me in a puzzle piece in so many people’s stories. My company has help launch business and get businesses on track.

Why I made the personal decision to keep Jesus front and center with my business. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #God #Jesus

Being A Pushy Christian

That is what I am not. I will never tell you to follow Jesus and say whoever you believe in is stupid. I am sorry, there are too many bible thumbing christians out there making it hard for people to come to Christ. I do not need to be another one. I rather share my testimonies of what Jesus has done for me. There has been numerous times followers of other believes have thanked me for standing in my truth about God. They have mentioned, how it has helped them be more vocal about their religious beliefs. Yes, my soul purpose in life is to bring more souls to Christ. Yes, I want Him to say job well done when I get to heaven because I focused on his purpose.

Your Voice

If you’re a Christian and a business owner my main thing is never lower your voice because you feel the masses will not understand. When you are writing, posting something on social media or sending an email marketing campaign and feel the need to share Jesus do it. You are a christian who runs a business. You are not per se a Christian business model such as Sprinkle Jesus or Lifeway. There whole company business model is surrounded by Jesus. Not every sentence I write needs to be dripped in holy water professing my love for Jesus.

We all know that the way we live should show people who we believe in. One thing I noticed in the bible while studying it was, how powerful God truly was when He converted people to believers by someone else’s actions. There would be stories of how someone defeated or conquered an event and then the people would want to serve that God. I want to live a life that people ask what God I serve. Talking about God on my business profiles on social media is a choice I consciously made to make sure I keep the most important first in all aspects of life.

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